Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Whats so Great about Jay and Bee?!

Everyone is drooling for this picture and I am just looking at it. I'm trying so hard to find out what metaphor or interesting capability it has to my noggin . . . but I fall short. Yeah, Jay's walking out of a hot ass car. Um, yes? So? Sure, Bee has nice heels on! I would slide the card for a pair. But . . . why is that astounding? I mean . . . I am seriously trying to figure this out like a mathematical equation, and I failed math in school. So can someone tutor me in this?! Por favor!



Sarah Alaoui said...

I haven't seen this picture before, but I feel like it's what Jay and B REPRESENT...c'mon Cee Frizzle! : )

She's made it HUGE.
He's made it HUGE.
She's an independent woman...he's..well..he's HOVA. Their power is just so immense, and they're a big power couple. I'm not one to fawn over celebs (except Pharrell, but that's a diff. story), but they're a big deal. Props to B.

Rachelle said...

exactly what sarah said.
He's a businessman. She's a business woman. They gets it in. This picture just says it all.
Its not that colossal

JacqueRoxx said...

All the stuff that Sarah above said is true (about both of them making it big)...BUT I don't think this picture represents that. She's just walking somewhere and he's about to walk somewhere. Whoop de whoop.

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