Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Introducing: MAJOR LAZER

I'm worried you might not know about Major Lazer. Yeah, its a scary thought, because Major Lazer is major indeed. I don't listen to this type of music. The closest resemblance to this type of music is Santigold. And if many of you think Major and Santi don't even touch musical notes, then that really shows you how much I listen to that type of music! But. BUUUUTTTTT! Major changed that shite. Seriously. Just take a listen. A whiff of those instrumental beats.

This video is daggering. True daggering. EXTREME DAGGERING. Maaaaajor Laaaaaazer daggering. You can't take it? Walk away from the computer. Do yourself that favor.

Ugh . . . they're parents must be so proud. Seeing them bump and grind like that huh.

I had this song as my Blog song for like two weeks? So you might recognize the sounds. I love the vid, too. Random as heaven. If you don't find this song sexy then . . . what the duck are you listening to music for? Go rob an Art Gallery or something.

ENJOY, and thank me later for introducing you to that who is . . . gotta do this right: MAAAAAJOR LAAAAAZERRRRR!

TIDBIT: They did this thing with Andy Milanokis (if thats how you spell his last name) . . . effing. Brilliant. Like . . . IDK! How do many people not know of Major Lazer?! What kind of world is this?! Take a looksie.


Simpli-c-t said...

lool dat video is mad...with all the daggering in it omg...lol

' мesi.моsiε » said...

Oh my gawshhh that was, wow. Something else. I have yet to go to a daggering jam for real. I've been invited to them, but too lazy to go.

I hope it's not that bad. LOL cause I sometimes don't have the will power to be thrown around like that.
Whoo! Daggering kills me though.. watching people do it is SO JOKES!
Thanks CeeFrizz. its good.

yaya said...

i have this guy on my ipod, he has a song called "mary jane" with mapei that is out of this world it is no average weed song

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