Tuesday, August 4, 2009

(Wo)man Candy #3: Santigold

Santigold is fucking hot. Shaddap to those who object. Cuz she really is fucking hot. FUCKING HOT.

Not to mention that she makes sickular music. I've listened to all her shit. And if I hadn't, someone point me to the direction, because I am all ears. Like, for some reason, when I listen to her recent hit, "Your Voice," I picture myself getting high and sitting in a field of grass and flowers with my buds, cuz they'd be high too, and we'll be rambling about sweet mothereffing nothings. I mean we do that already, but adding on to the fact that we will be high as kites, its awesome.

Not to mention, again, that she's from Brooklyn. Where I am born and raised, my suckas.

Santigold, you have my heart, my love.


yaya said...

santigold is the shit no one can possibly object, no digity no doubt

i love "your voice" too...thats one of her old old joints when she was in her band stiffed.. amazing album it upsets me that they wwere unknown because they really is shitting on too many bands with unnessacary hype the album is called "burned again" pick it up at your local barnes and nobels.


Tay said...

Love her, and everyone else seems to aswell. She's getting beaucoup exposure---commercials, her music plays in the mall! Even the lamest of my friends appreciate the gold, and that makes me smile.

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