Saturday, August 8, 2009

Zooey Deschanel & Joseph Gordon-Levitt are Simply Amazing.

I can't stop posting videos today! Or, lately. Isn't that a sham?! Anyway, I haven't seen 500 Days of Summer yet. I wanna kick my ass, too. But it came out nationwide just yesterday so I think maybe on Monday or Tuesday I'll go see it with my homie, Jaiden* since he's a sap for these romance movies. He doesn't really tell people, but he told me and we planned to see it together.

So, in the event of the movie, Zooey did a video for her and her band, She and Him's song,
"Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" starring her and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And its so effin cute. I love it oh so dearly. How can you not? They have this fun chemistry that lights up a screen.

TIDBIT: I heard the soundtrack is a must cop. Therefore, I must cop. I mean, a movie with a kick ass soundtrack just means the movie must have been kick ass, too. The last movie I saw with an amazing soundtrack was "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist." Didn't see the movie? Shoot yourself. I've seen that shit like, 500+ times and I am STILL not tired of it!

TIDBITSY: She's so beautiful and he's so sexy smooth. Dammit.


Lori said...

i want to see this movie so bad too! I love zooey, she has cute style too

Ashita Alix said...

I have watched Infinite Playlist millions of times its soo great. I really like the pairing in this clip. Australia is a bit delayed when it comes to good movies such as (500) Days of Summer cant wait to watch it. :P

Thank you for sharing the video :D:D It was so adorable

Cee Frizzle said...

OMG you are so right @Lori. Her style is adorable. She's adorable all together, man!

AND YES @Ashita! An "Infinite Playlist" fan! OWWW! And how long does it take am ovie form the US of A to get to Australia?

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