Friday, September 11, 2009

Keri Hilson's "Slow Dance" Vid (-_-)

OK. This post is going to be very blunt because I'm not in the happiest of moods and I am so exhausted and hungry, I might go HULK and call it a night by wailing on people.

This video is so disappointing. I was getting the intro, I guess. It was leading into what happened earlier in the night. Here I am, ready to see this sensual slow dancing thing combination or whatchumacallits, just something to call attention to the song.


To my surprise ( sarcasm ) . . . nada. I can't pay attention to how sexy the song is, because I've had that song since last year in my player and I love it. It's a really sexy song! Which means it should have a sexy video! Am I right? This video does shizzot! She's in lingerie. Then she's in a backless dress. Who are you getting dressed for Keri? Cuz I don't see him. Then she's at the club with her Gang Green Gang . . . rolling up like hooligans (I see you Chris Brown . . .) and they are planning to get shitfaced because you see bottles and glasses upon glasses and bottles flashing everywhere on screen! We get it, you guys wanna have fun . . . but, wait. Where's the slow dancing? No? Nothing again? Then they point the dude that's been checking Keri out, la di di la di do . . . then they come together and do some "FANCY" foot work . . . then the slow dance comes along, AT THE END MIGHT I POINT OUT, but doesn't do shizzot.

( Hangs head in s h a m e )

I'm done.


yours truly said...

my GOD, does Maxwell REALLY have to school these kids on how to do a sexy video right? It's not just about you. You need to capture the feeling in the song. Oy.

Rachelle said...

u too good to comment on my blog now cynthia? don't make me hurt u!

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