Thursday, September 3, 2009

Scarlett Johansson's Album

Boy, oh my do I dislike actors who seriously out of nowhere declare that they are going to engage in the music industry. It's like watching a deer get hit by a car. SCREEEEEECH! Sometimes they don't even come across as people with good taste for music. Sometimes they actually really DON'T have good taste for music. But, let me move on before I get into it for no reason whatsoevaaa.

Scarlett J. came out with an album a good while ago, and many people deemed it shiteous. I listened to a few songs, just to be fair, and I deemed it . . . boring. Sorry Scarlett. I didn't like it that much. And her voice is something new, yeah? But it's not like I couldn't grow on it. To be honest, I didn't take the time . . . ANYWAY! She teamed up with Indie lord (IDK that's what people call him) Pete Yorn and together they created this indie-pop album titled, "Break-Up." And you know what?

I like.

Very very much.

Seriously, it's likeable. And Scarlett's voice is one of a kind. I've grown to love it ever so kindly. Because it is . . . ever so kind.

The first single which circled the internet, "Relator," was my profile song for a good few weeks. I LOVE that song. Seriously! This album is too cute. Take a listen.


Ayanna said...

i like.

Frizz said...


I do like Break Up.
But her first album was at best....borrrrrriinnnnnnnnng.

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