Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tamia, Kelly Price & Deborah Cox to create: TDK

In the spirit of 90’s R&B trio LSG – Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill – BV Buzz has learned exclusively that three R&B divas have formed a new group with the working name of TDK.

Singers Tamia, Deborah Cox and Kelly Price have united for an upcoming compilation project called ‘The Queen Project.’

Led by the first single, ‘Queen,’ the three vocal powerhouses are elated about the opportunity to form this sisterhood in song.

“Truly I am excited because what we’re doing has never been done before with three women on CD,” Price told BV Buzz. “Each of us in our own right is a true vocalist and while I am loving what we’re doing in the studio, I just can’t wait for people to see our live show!”

Though each of the ladies knew each other prior to this endeavor, it is their first time collaborating together on music in any capacity.

“I’m so excited to work with these ladies because I’m a fan first,” Tamia offered. “It is fun and we have a really good time together. There’s something special here musically and we have a genuine bond.”

Cox added: “I feel the same way. It’s really the most exciting project I’ve been a part of. We’re going to be raising the bar just a tad. It’s great to work with like-minded individuals. We have the same sentiments as singers, mothers and wives!”

Producer Shep Crawford (Whitney Houston/Heather Headley) was the mastermind behind the group and said his vision was to just bring three dynamic women together to sing.

“My goal was to highlight the amazing talents individually, while blending them together to unite for this mega project. This is a unique union that will provide the music you have come to expect from these three superstars,” said Crawford.

TDK is currently in Los Angeles recording songs with Crawford and producer Warryn Campbell (Mary Mary/Kanye West). They are slated to also record material with Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, R. Kelly and Raphael Saadiq as well.

‘The Queen Project’ is scheduled to be released in early 2010; however no record company affiliation has been announced at this time.


I know, it's crazy. You haven't heard from these three amazing songstresses in such a long time, and now they come back but not solo. AS A GROUP?! Are you kidding me? That's pretty colossal, if you ask me. I love Tamia, I adored Kelly (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!) as a youngster, and I did have a heart for Deborah.

They're going to be produced by the hottest R&B producers out there, like R.Kelly, Babyface, Raphael Saadiq (AHH! Girl shriek! Love him!), Warryn Cambell, and mostly Shep Crawford.

This really should be interesting, don't you concur?

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