Friday, October 2, 2009

Are Females Bi-Curious or Bisexual for being attracted to Females?

This question came to me when I was with my gal pal, Toybot (nickname). We were at our school's lounge and we were staring at this guy that has bushy but sexy curly hair pulled in a low ponytail, was around 5'9", wore a big sweater and baggy sweats on, but under you can tell was hiding nice things, had this bounce in his step and a laugh so heartclenching. His swag was impecable, also . . . mind you, we were staring at him from behind. Next thing you know, he turns around.


Hold the jack.

That's no male.

Straight female, Hooplabers.

Toybot and I just . . . stared at each other like, "Wait a minute. Were we sexually scoping this dude out, when in reality it's a chick?!" Accordingly, after finding out this person was in fact a girl and not a guy, we would have been instantly turned off and would have just laughed it off and probably told each other to never mention this to anyone.

BUUUUTTTTT being the type of people Toybot and I are, which are people who are psychotically random and funny and outspoken no matter what anyone has to say about it and who speak what others are too afraid to say, Toybot instead asks, "Would you do her?"

I looked at her again. Scoped her out. And to be honest, the girl is hot. She would make one hell of a sexy dude and one beautiful woman. So after checking her face--she is a cutie. Her eyes are big and brown, her skin just looked so lovely. Caramel brown and flawlessly glowing, beautiful hair (once again), she has a wide jaw line which contributes to her male features but her face has a softness to it that brings it back to femininity--I said, "Seriously? Hell yeah, I would." Toybot says, "Yep. Me too. If I'm horny and she asks to take me somewhere and do whatever, then I would do it. Hands down."

SO! Does this make us bisexual? Does this make us bi-curious?!

I looked up the word "Bi-curious," in Wikipedia, and it says as follows:

Bi-curious is a term used to refer to someone who does not identify as bisexual or homosexual but feels or shows some curiosity in a relationship or sexual activity with someone of the same sex. The terms homoflexible and heteroflexible are also applied to bicuriosity.

Well, then. I guess that means we're heteroflexible. To be honest, I love females. Not like the way a lesbian would, but really. There is something about us that is undeniable. Our hands have this sensual touch to it. Our lips are just taunting. Our physiques are just hypnotizing, and our features are effin hot. Sure you can say the same for males, but really. Why can't we be attracted to ourselves? It's like looking in the mirror and saying, "Damn, girl. You are a FOX!" I told you I am infatuated with Katy Perry and all of the other (Wo)man Candies I have on the list.

Some say that you get attracted to females not because you like them sexually. It's just that their confidence makes you feel good, especially if they have a way of wanting to instill that confidence in you.

Something tells me that every one of us secretly feels real attracted to a female. Any female. Might be your best friend, might be your neighbor, your co-worker, the popular chick, the girl who looks like a guy . . . any one. And if you shunned the idea away because it makes you feel awkward and afraid that you might be bisexual or a lesbian, then it's OK. It's no big deal. We're effin sexy. Why do you think men can't get enough of us?


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