Saturday, October 3, 2009

Timbo has WHO on his new album?! F*CK YEA!

Don’t ask me how, but I had the privilege of tuning in to Timbaland’s Shock Value 2 listening party this evening. He hosted it in Los Angeles, but the footage was streamed live to a private chat room. For those that don’t know, Timbaland is prepping to release the follow-up to his well-received album, Timbaland Presents: The Shock Value. After such succesful singles as “The Way I Are”, and “Scream”, Timbaland has quite big shoes to fill.

But there is no cause for concern, because the album is DOPE. There are a number of uptempo dance tracks paired with gritty, urban anthems. The production is what we’ve come to expect from Timbaland: bassy, spacey, and a bit electro. On this next LP, Timbaland has once again enlisted a number of industry veterans and newbies including Drake, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Paramore, Shakira, and numerous others. But perhaps the biggest surprise of the evening was the introduction of a NEW artist…Or so we think…

We know her as Brandy, Moesha, the girl who sang “Sittin up In my Room” and “The Boy is Mine”. The general public has forgotten about her, and her last effort “Human” was both under-sold and under-appreciated. But Brandy is going to surely make waves on Timbaland’s new LP “The Shock Value 2″. In addition to lacing tracks with her raspy vocals, harmonies, and waterfall runs, Ms. Norwood will be doing something no one as ever heard her do: RAPPING.

The verdict?…DOPE. She took the stage and performed a song with Timbaland that floored the room. One would expect the transition from singing to rapping to be an unweildy one, but Brandy’s flow was effortless. Sonically, it brings to mind a combination of Lauryn Hill and Foxy Brown. The appropriately named, “Bran-Nu”, will be featured on two tracks off Shock Value 2. It is also known that she and Timbaland are working together on her sixth studio album which is due later this year.

Stand-Out collaborations on Timbaland’s latest project are Drake, Shakira, Katy Perry, and Brandy. The official first single will be debuting shortly, and the album is due for a release on November 24th. I’m sure you will be hearing about it much sooner than that.

Um . . . Excitement has overwhelmed me. I adore thee Timbaland and many of the artists on this upcoming album. Like, seriously? I cannot wait to hear it. CANNOT WAIT. Seriously, I'm counting the nanoseconds.

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