Monday, November 30, 2009

Do We Taste Like What We Eat?

So a bunch of us radio station heads are sitting at the computers (hence why I'm typing) and we were discussing sex. Then I asked a question from something I heard a month ago. The question was:

When men perform oral sex and "taste" the female, does she taste like what she's eaten?

Lemme explain. I had a friend who was telling me about her sexual escapades. She told me that when he boyfriend went down on her in his Honda last summer, he said how she tasted so good, like strawberries. She told me that it was funny because she had eaten a whole box of chocolate covered strawberries during the day.

So what I want to know is if this is a myth or real. Can we taste like what we eat?


blkprincess87 said...

I think we can. I read a post on another blog that talked about this. If I can find it will post a link.

Rachelle said...

idk all i know is if you eat pineapple your cum is sweeter.

that will be all.

Cee Frizzle said...

LMAO! Nice way to end your hypthesis, Rach.

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