Saturday, November 14, 2009

"My White Boyfriend Judges My Natural Hair."

Awww, this girl is so adorable. And oblivious.

If it were me, since I am a natural, I would first let him know upfront that if there is a problem that he has with my hair, he doesn't need to be around it. Meaning, he is free to go find a girl with hair like Middle Easterns. If he says fine, but after a good month into the relae, he says something smart about it, it's a no go. Done. You're out of here.

If a man cannot accept the natural you, then he can't accept you at all. In any way, shape or form. We shouldn't mold ourselves into something for someone else. That makes us their product. NUH UH!

"My hair may not blow in the wind, but it'll sure blow your mind."
-Cee Frizzle


yours truly said...

she needs to grow some sense and let him go. she's too gorgeous (i love her hair. the colour and style is fab) to be accepting that from anyone. tell his ass to get with it or keep it moving! end of story.


very nice quote

Frizz said...

I WISH my hair was like hers!
I have a father who is half-white, a grandmother who is full blown Cherokee indian, and a grandfather from the islands. So my hair is more like those "middle eastern" women you speak of.
But her hair is so beautiful, and she's so cute.
She needs to cut that boy loose.

Cee Frizzle said...

Ooooh you want that kinky/curly hair huh lool?

She is adorable. i wanna bee her friend, man. Give her that big sis advice.

Plus her skin color is so beautiful . . . its not often I see skin like that, man!

Lilian said...

One thing is for sure, if he wanted Caucasus straight hair, he wouldn’t have fallen in love with you gorgeous.

It sounds like your boyfriend is jealous and scared of losing you. Such men, black or white, use such psychological strategies to make the woman addicted to them.

He wants to break your self sufficiency with negative remarks of your looks and most probably of other qualities you might have (am sure you have many).

The best thing you can do is tell him to get used to it and basta. But be careful such jealous people can become violent when they are ignored.

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