Monday, December 7, 2009

Nicki Minaj Is Not Legit.

I am so sick to death of people around me saying that Nicki Minaj is the deal. Girls are dying to be her. Some, I swear, have said that they ARE her. There's a group on facebook that's titled, "I AM NICKI MINAJ." Do you know how many girls and even gay boys have signed to this group?! A good 30,000+. Boys say her rhymes are bomb and that she's the next Lil' Kim, if not better.


I don't like this. At all. Maybe I'm just talking out of my butthole, but I seriously want to know why this girl is the shizzot, because all I see is someone trying to seem original. Calling herself the Black Barbie? What?! Her rhymes are just . . . I dunno. Not appealing to my ears. "Maybe I should put this p*ssy on your sideburns!" <-- EXCUSEZ-MOI. This is not cute, nor does it make sense. Why would a guy want your pussy on his sideburns? Unless he's into something really kinky that I and many young ladies are not feenin' to understand. She could be so much prettier minus that Harajuku make-up or Wonder Woman corsets and those unflattering lace wigs. DO YOU SEE THAT?! What does that make you look like? She's not following Lil' Kim, who had this raw sex appeal that was fun and not entirely HOT MESSY. You look ridiculous, and it's a shame that she's admired by so many girls.

Toybot says she loves Nicki. I asked why. She said cuz she's so ghetto. DEAD ASS?!

She's not a lady. She's not an inspiration. She's not legit. She's nothing to me. The only thing that's keeping her is the fact that she's got ( fake ) gifts and she's the newest female rapper in the game and signed to Young Money which helps since you've got Weezy and Drizzy on the label, too. Just cuz Lil' Kim has gone off her rocker and done pull a Sammy Sosa and bleached her skin and now looks like what Nicki Minaj is trying to be--a black Barbie--doesn't mean she's the next Lil' Kim or the best female rapper in the game. STFU. I don't understand our society nowadays.

If someone can tell me what makes this girl WORTH hearing out, then you've convinced me. I might give her a try. But I refuse to admire someone who does nothing to help me in any way possible. In my self-esteem or my taste in music.
TIDBIT: While Trina and Nicki look like hot messes, Teyana looks very natural. In the face and hte hair and the clothes are light. I love the look.
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blkprincess87 said...

I couldn't agree more. I TOTALLY agree about teyanna. Out of the three of them she's my fav.


i dont get it either...smh she is pretty but that's about it.

liddo weird said...

she's not even that hot. i actual saw a picture of her, i was highly disappointed ! whats so great about the black barbie? no one can replace lil kim case close dont even try to reopen it. black barbie is black fake!

25champ said...

I couldn't agree wit you more. I'm glad somebody is recognizing that the chic ain't ish. Great post!

I BLEED PINK said...

I couldn't agree with you more!!!

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