Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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Please keep my country in your prayers. By now, you all are well aware of the earthquake that has caused tons of damage to an already-recovering country. Haiti was not ready nor stable to have this earthquake. And for it to happen? So many are left homeless, so many are badly injured, and unfortunately, some are dead; buried under rubble.

When I first heard, it was on twitter (@cocoaPUFFiE) from Wyclef Jean. Then my friend from high school, Claire, called me and told me to change it on CNN. If I had thought the earthquake was no big deal, I didn't anymore. I know that once CNN is covering something and giving you CONSTANT around the clock updates, that it is major. And it was. 7.0 Earthquake, with a 5.9 & 5.5 aftershock? Then there were rumors of tsunami watch? My whole family and I sat by our television, waiting for more news instead of listening to the same repeated updates. We were getting impatient. Our house phone was ringing off the hook. When we tried to dial our friends and family in Haiti, all we got were bsy signals. My grandmother was shitting bricks, panicking because her sons and daughters and her grandchildren were nowhere to be heard from.

Reality truly set in when word got out that a hospital in Port-au-Prince (where my mother and her family lived) and the Palace, which I visited when I went to Haiti at 11-years-old, collapsed. THE PALACE. Then I saw a picture and I just shook my head with my mouth hanging open. This is real. All of this is real.

If you want to donate $5, send a text to 501501 saying "YELE."
If you want to donate $10, send a text to 90999 saying "Haiti."
Any further way of helping, click HERE.

UPDATE: I've heard from my aunt. She's OK with her family!
UPDATE: I have a cousin on my mother's side who has passed. RIP, Adeline.

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