Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where Was I? I'll tell ya!

  • School. I'm a big time slacker. If I wasn't majoring in journalism Procrastination would be my major, and Slacking would be my minor. I have had homework and whatnot, some which I never did (SMART GYAL!). Some which I did. Some which I never knew I had because you really don't know how many times I lost the syllabus to my classes. OH GEE. Then finals came and i procrastinated with those and then did last minute studying . . . yah.
  • Twitter. Seriously, when I became bored with facebook and went back to twitter, I became obsessed. I even got an app for my Cocoaberry (blackberry) and I go on it whenever I can. It's disgusting!
  • Laziness. I'm a lazy person. Eh. That's it.
  • Work. I've been working at the liquor store more than usual. Especially around the holidays. They get crazy busy!
  • Lack of inspiration. I have so many posts that need to be edited and posted. A lot. I start them, then lose interest. I'll tell you why.

A good two days ago, I was writing a post (A New Years post. BTW. HAPPY NEW YEAR!) and I wanted to check the date where I wrote my first blog entry. Then I started reading my old entries and whatnot . . . and my blog has changed. I wrote for you guys in the past but now it has become all about you! I know that sounds . . . unkind. But it's truth! I did this blog for fun! And it was fun. My humor and wit and random subjects were great! I even wrote about an adventure or two. Now I write about gossip and celeb shit that personally many other things you either don't care about or don't need to hear from me because you're subscribed to other blogs that give you such details. So it's basically repetition.

I love writing. I love blogging. It was so much fun! Now I feel like it's a duty. I don't want that. I wanna come home. Sit on this big ol' black computer chair, crack my knuckles, open up a blank post and just wriiiiite. Not wait for a topic to come to me. So, that's my little rant there. Heh.


Sorry. Just wanted to let that out. Peace.


Fabnay said...

Your still in school no break?

Cee Frizzle said...

No no no! I had a break! Thank God. I go back on the 19th. But I procrastinated and had a lot of work to make up.

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