Sunday, May 2, 2010


Yo, I swear. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to go to school.

Please, don't think I'm one of those girls that goes against everything that education (namely college) represents. I think EVERYONE should go to college. Especially people my age because now that shit's all messed up for us because Bush got us into this recession, jobs are extremely hard to find, especially if along with a kick-ass resume, you don't have a kick-ass diploma.

But, it's like . . . I take classes that I don't wanna take but I have to take. I got my parents on my back like leeches to my skin. Dumb butt homework, finals, mid-terms, eeeesh. I hate all that. The work. Yeah, I'm crazy lazy. But I just wanna fast forward to where I get to make my own magazine (This is my goal right now. It's really what I want ever so much!), trael, take pictures, blog about my journeys, and just live life a little bit care free, you know?

That's os much to ask for because I've got so much I've started but haven't finished yet. I can't drop it all just cuz I want a bit of freedom to breathe the great air of my dreams. GAAAAAAAH.


Fabnay said...

I'm being really obnoxious now. But... we started to get into debt in 1942 (WWII). Then Nixon, Ford and Carter started the debt getting out of hand and every president afterward contributed to this trend except for Clinton. He actually started to make the debt go down. Both both Bush's raised the debt a lot while in office.
Ok im done being obnoxious with un needed facts.

T said...

College is just a series of gatekeepers. You hardly learn what you really need in the first few years. And the stringent requirements keep you from taking classes that help you explore (for personal growth, cultural learning). I wish I could be in college for at least another year so I could do it all...but I graduate in December and Im feeling extremely inadequate

Rachelle said...

um.. where the FUCK are you?! can you come back to life?!

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