Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Bad, Ya'll.

SCENE: [There's an empty stage. Pitch black all except for a spotlight that's beaming at the middle. There's an audience, but you can't see them. Like I said. DAHKNESS (Yes, say it like that. DAHKNESS. No typo there.) is all around. The audience has grown impatient long enough. They are restless. Angry, maybe. Disappointed. Appalled. Sorry? . . . Anywho . . . But alas! You hear the click-clack of heels on the stage, echo through the auditorium. Someone is emerging from the darkness and into the light. . . . Who can it be?]


So here, I am. At the mic. I can't see you guys, but I don't think I want to. Cuz if I do, all I'll see is angry faces. Disappointed faces. Sad faces. Once again. SORRY!

I haven't been the best blogger and I am so sorry. My dad always said apologizing is for the weak, that you are insulting the person you're apologizing to, because YOU KNEW what you were doing wrong. Apologizing doesn't cross the fact that YOU KNEW. Aaaaand that YOU DID IT. (Shrug) I knew. I did it. And IDGAH (You guys should know what this means already...) but I am deeply sorry! Hopefully over time you will forgive me. Don't do it right away because that means you must be some naive sons a bitches. I don't deserve a quick forgiveness. I WRONGED YOU.

Um, I have reasons. But they're not good enough. This post to just to tell you all that seriously, I'm back. Really. I think the most important reason as to why I wasn't blogging was because I lost the inspiration. I lost the reason WHY I started doing all this. Plus I sort of lost the time. But I've regained the inspiration. I've regained the time. Plus I was on tumblr for a while and now I'm beginning to kinda dislike it. It's like twitter but with posts and pictures and shit. People post a topic but it's as if it's a status. And I'm just like . . . wtf is the point. You cannot call yourself a blogger if you're not doing any TRUE blogging. Putting effort into your posts. INFORMING THE PUBLIC WHO SHALL READ YOU. Tons of fakes on the web, it's annoying as hell. You get sick of it. So when you see fakeness, you choose to not surround yourself with it. Tumblr will see me every once in a while. But Blogger? You've done great things for me.

Um . . . so yeah! I have updates that I'll post soon enough. But as for now, here you go.


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