Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The journey to getting others to accept that being a big girl has its perks has been a long road. And sure we might be there, but we’re not THERE yet. There are still many people that feel us encouraging to accept our bodies for what they are is also our way of encouraging obesity and that it is OK to ride the diabetes or heart disease train (which is not true…). But then again we have the people that are doing such things like adding plus size into our favorite clothing stores, hiring plus size models, and doing certain things like this, quotes to feel better about ourselves, as a way of positivity.

BUT … I’m not too fond of this quote.

Being a real woman has nothing to do with curves. It has nothing to do with being skinny. But it does have something to do with how you live your life. “Doesn’t being thin or thick incorporate into how you live your life?” Yeah, I guess. But a thick person can be a healthy person, just as healthy as a thin person. It’s how they carry themselves.

I mean, there are so many thick girls whose personalities and choices on how to live their lives are so far from being a women! I mean, see it like this if you don’t agree with me on how i feel about this quote. There are so many curvy girls that use their curves for the wrong reasons… Seriously, you and I both know that. Books telling us that skinny girls are nothing, that men like curvy girls anyway, that being skinny isn’t exciting … come on. No offense but before all this, you admired the skinny girl for wearing sexy clothes. You wanted to be skinny to be free and enjoy yourself. Now that you have found out that you can be thick and can be free and where sexy clothes too, that only means that you have an option: enjoy life carefree skinny, or enjoy life carefree thick. Doesn’t mean you have to bash the other option.

What we as the curvy/thick community are trying to do is finally get some equality. But bashing women who are naturally thin by saying things like the quote above and making books to hate skinny women, saying that they think they’re the shit when some of them wish to be curvy sometimes too, where some of them admire the voice we’re trying to speak, doesn’t make us any better than the people that are telling us to shut up and get on a treadmill.

We have to respect our fight. We have to admire our fight. We’re trying to get people on our side. But we have to do it the right way. We have to gain respect.

What better way is there to gain respect? Give it back.
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