Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Movie Review: The Green Hornet

Admit it. You were either:

  • All for this movie because it involved kickass weapons, villains, and badass superhoes and/or you saw Seth Rogen being … Seth Rogen and/or the trailer did a good job in pulling you in.
  • Skeptical because of the reasons above. Hello. ANOTHER superhero movie with kickass weapons that’ll probably reel the action fanatics in to save up for how bad the movie might be? And Seth Rogen playing the hero?

  • Wasn’t even TRYING to see this movie because of the above reasons. Done with superhero movies. Couldn’t care for the kickass weapons. And Seth Rogen typecasts himself. You already know what his character is all about and you won’t spend $15 to see it on a big ass screen.

Well … I’ll tell you now. I was all for #1 when I first saw the trailer. Then got to #2 when more trailers and promos came out for it. Then I was borderline #3. Didn’t get there, but I was close.

I was wrong for judging this movie so quickly. Because I will let you know that this movie WAS BOSS. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSS. I loved it. Beginning to end. At first, I thought the beginning was a bit quick and not well executed. But as I continued to watch, I didn’t mind it as much.

You know what it’s about. The son of a major Editor-in-Chief of a popular family owned newspaper has to take over his father’s business when he dies. The son, Britt (played by Rogen) is a no good, party-hopping, whore sexing, money spending, stubborn ass guy who has NO CLUE how to take care of the company, not to mention he hated his father who was a Class A dick. He meets the guy that manages his fathers cars and makes Britt’s coffee, Kato (played by Jay Chou), an adorable martial arts trained guy and who helps Britt the most when it came to getting over his father’s death and going back to enjoying his life by becoming his friend and … sidekick. After a night of being reckless for the sake of it, Britt and Kato realize that with Kato’s amazing fighting skills, mechanic skills … well, skills in general, they can team up and do good while posing as villains (but who serve as heroes). Of course, this works out really well at the beginning, but easily goes downhill when they catch the attention of top notch druglord Chudnofsky, who does whatever he cans to stop The Green Hornet.


Pretty basic synopsis, but overall? Kickass film. Seth Rogen did play his usual self. Lazy, unmotivated, takes life not as serious as he should … yes. All so true. BUT … you can look past it because he did exactly what he can. If that’s all he’s capable of when it comes to acting, then so be it. But he delivered being that lazy guy. He was great. Not to mention he wrote and produced the film with Evan Goldberg, who wrote “Pineapple Express,” and “Superbad.” Cameron Diaz, who played Lenore Case, Britt’s secretary and the brains behind the heroes (…it’s complicated) was good. I was skeptical. I mean, Cameron’s okay. Not my favorite actress. I don’t mind her. But I didn’t think she would fit, you know? But watching her in the movie, I didn’t mind her at all. She did her part rather well. Even the villain, Chudnofsky (played by Christoph Waltz. You’ll recognize him as Col. Hands Landa in “Inglorious Basterds.” HELLO?!) was entertaining! His character had a knack for wanting to look cooler and more scary and intimidating to his victims because they always said he wasn’t scary enough. Sounds dumb, but the way he pulled it off … FUNNAAAAY.

But the person who stole the show. Hands down. Jay Chou. Jay. CHOU. I will remember this name. Because he made the movie. His character, Kato, was top notch. My gosh, there was no wrong that Kato can do in your eyes. He was adorable from his accent to his love for classical music to his charm right down to what he WORE. Ugh, I loved seeing him on screen. His kung fu was tight. His humor was on point. And he’s just a cutie. I wanna see more of him, though while looking at his resume, seems like there’s a lot of him I have to SEE. He’s played in A LOT of films and TV shows. Oh, Jay Chou.

Overall I loved the movie. The storyline was great, the action was saaaaaa-weet, the acting was spot on, the humor was excellent … everything was great. I walkedi n the theatre skeptical, came out wanting to see it 3 more times. There were some parts that, like I said, were fast. Like how Britt and Kato became friends. It was … BAM. Like, real quick.

But overall? LOVED IT.


SCORE: 8.5/10

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