Monday, February 28, 2011

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: "Born This Way," by Lady Gaga

Speaking of getting used to . . .

Heard this song a few times, and though I am an avid listener of Gaga's this song had to grow on me. It's a nice song, and it's not outrageous (thank God. I'm done with the outrageous. It's not different anymore, it's expected. Which is not better than a surprise, if you ask me), but still. It sounds like old school Madonna and a tiny pinch of TLC's "Waterfalls," in that one area of the verse. No? You don't agree?

Eh. Who currs?! Here's what you came for!

Now, if there is anything I love about a person is their imagination. You can tell if a person is creative or not due to what they create based on what they imagine. Gaga? Her imagination is a trip. And I like that. Which is why I like the video. There was a story. And I love a good story.

This was a win. Go ahead, Gaga.


TIDBIT: Watch in 720 HD. It's just so much better.

NEW MUSIC: "21st Century Girl," by Willow Smith

The wait is over. That's if you waited, of course. If not, well, just take a listen.

Willow Smith debuts her latest single, "21st Century Girl," which is straight dance pop. From the looks of it, Willow's going for a confident girl who doesn't give a hoot what anyone has to say. First it was with her hair, now it's with who she is in general. I mean . . . hello.

Though it's a song you can definitely bump in a club or a party to get your adrenaline pumping, it's something you either don't like, find it doable, needs to hear or get used to it to make a verdict, or are ready to make a remix to blast at the next house party.

Either way, this song is gonna be talked about.

It personally doesn't do what "Whip My Hair," did for me, but, it's passable.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Nicki Minaj At Her Finest!

Don't call me a Nicki Minaj fan, because I'm not. I've gotten used to her rapping, that's for sure, and there are a few of her verses that she's done for a few songs for other artists that I've grown fond of (for example, her verse on Drake's "Up All Night," and Rihanna's "Raining Men."), but still. I'm no fan. Not only that, her style has had me itching a hole through my scalp! Peculiar style at its best, lemme tell ya.

But never have I doubted her beauty, though. Beause she is gorgeous, I won't even try to pretend. So imagine my eyes when I saw this gorgeous photoshoot she did for BlackBook magazine.

Nicki Minaj






Minus the front cover (lol) NICKI! You're such a cutie.
Still not a fan. Atleast not yet. A few more features and you might become a lookout. MIGHT.

To read her interview, click here!

NEW MUSIC: Timothy Bloom, "'Til The End of Time."

Ugh, R&B has long evaporated from what it used to be. Need I also mention that the females roles in quote un-quote R&B has drastically changed as well. No more dark skinned beauties...matter of fact, no more black beauties in general, whether they be half black & half-white, or just light skinned. Nowadays, it's all about the exotic Brazilian and Spanish women. BUT . . . no fear. For someone has brought what our ears and eyes have wanted.

Timothy Bloom (someone who have just stumbled upon due to this video) delivers sexy old school R&B with a modern twist at a fine request, a simple black and white turned color video channeling his inner D'Angelo with none other than a beautiful head shaven black sister (with a cake so envious...) as his female lead: the beautiful songstress, V. Bozeman.

This song is beautiful, the simplicity of the video brings out added beauty, and how amazing their skins mesh against each other, silky and dark, is just exquisite. I love the song, and the video. Therefore it had to be posted.

Check him out here!

Source: Zoiks Online

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

INTERESTING... Ziggy Marley's "Marijuana Man"?

Well turn me around and smack my tush silly. Ziggy Marley, the son of legendary weedhead and reggae God, Bob Marley, is bringing a comic to the Comic World that no one has ever seen before... Or at least a lot of us have.

BEHOLD! "Marijuanaman!" Ziggy, along with writer Joe Casey and illustrator Jim Mahfood, is creating this comic about a noble extraterrestrial champion, who has arrived on Earth to deliver an important message and at the same time save his own planet.

"Marijuanaman represents the hope of the future...the hope that we will utilize all of the power that the universe has given us to save our planet," Marley says.

There's no words yet on what message he has, what's wrong with his planet, what powers he has, weaknesses...all that good stuff that get our blood rushing and our minds racing with what will happen next. BUT from the look of the cover, which looks pretty cool to me, this seems like a comic that is more than just a weedy face. Could there be some depth to it? Will it be impressive enough to not have comic readers gawking at their favorite comic book stores for having this "mockery" of a book sold?

Who the hell knows.

But I just might as well be purchasing.

Image Comics releases this 48-page oversized full-color hardcover to comic books stores everywhere for $24.99 on April 20th, 2011.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Willow Smith Works with Teen Vogue!

I was truly afraid that after the great success of "Whip My Hair," and the hype she got for being so out there and awesome at the mere age of 10, that it wouldn't be too great for Ms. Willow Smith. I mean, kids around that age get surrounded by grown ups and their idols. With that comes to need to be more grown up. And when you become more grown up, you lose your kiddish innocence that got people to love you in the first place.

Well. Willow has me feeling a bit better with this case, because after watching this video of a Behind the Scenes look at her Teen Vogue interview/photoshoot, she gave us kiddy behavior. She was just adorable. Her attitude, her music choices (that does seem a bit grown... But then again, this is a new day and age. Kids at 10 can get their hands on music for 18+ year olds), her hair... She's a whole lot of punch, and I just love that.

"If you don't work hard, then you aren't going to have the success that you want. But if you work hard and dig in, then you are going to have the success that you want."

You go, girl.

Photo Courtesy: Teen Vogue
Interview Courtesy: Teen Vogue
Video Courtesy: Teen Vogue

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Santigold x VANS Team Up!

And what a team they make, lemme tell ya!

The wonderfully talented and eccentric Brooklyn born musical artist Santigold (if for some weird reason you can't think of anything musical that she's affiliated herself with, remember her hits "Creator," and "Lights Out," being played on TV ads? And her hit that aired on MTV Hits a year or two ago, "L.E.S. Artistes"? No? REALLY?! Gee whiz...) has teamed with Vans Sneakers (eeeek!) to come out with a limited edition shoe of her own! And if that didn't get you hype already, wait till you see how they look.

Um, Sam Sparro? Where are you when I need you? THEY'RE BLACK & GOLD, BABY!

If you couldn't tell how hype I was... then you probably didn't know who Santigold was, either. Which means you have got to stop chillin' underground. Cuz this is some top notch business right hurr.

If you go here, you can read up on more info and get the chance to win a pair with Santi's signature! WHOO!

Now are you paying attention?

Photos Courtesy: Adventures of Yoshi

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NEW VIDEO: Rihanna's "S&M"

HA! Rihanna never ceases to amaze me. Over the years I have gone from enjoying her music to fully falling in love with her (yes, I've had dreams time and time again of Rihanna using those whips and chains she croons in this song a few times on me . . . like you haven't!) . Yeah, she might not be a top notch singer, but she knows exactly how to draw someone in. No one knows what it is, how she does it . . . but when she does it, she does it so well . . . Got damn.

This video? My all time fave. It's like you colored all over the page of a partying coloring book and add whips, chains, and some bedazzling into it. It's so fetch. Yeah, I went there.


P.S.: I love the red hair on her. LOVE.
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