Wednesday, February 9, 2011

INTERESTING... Ziggy Marley's "Marijuana Man"?

Well turn me around and smack my tush silly. Ziggy Marley, the son of legendary weedhead and reggae God, Bob Marley, is bringing a comic to the Comic World that no one has ever seen before... Or at least a lot of us have.

BEHOLD! "Marijuanaman!" Ziggy, along with writer Joe Casey and illustrator Jim Mahfood, is creating this comic about a noble extraterrestrial champion, who has arrived on Earth to deliver an important message and at the same time save his own planet.

"Marijuanaman represents the hope of the future...the hope that we will utilize all of the power that the universe has given us to save our planet," Marley says.

There's no words yet on what message he has, what's wrong with his planet, what powers he has, weaknesses...all that good stuff that get our blood rushing and our minds racing with what will happen next. BUT from the look of the cover, which looks pretty cool to me, this seems like a comic that is more than just a weedy face. Could there be some depth to it? Will it be impressive enough to not have comic readers gawking at their favorite comic book stores for having this "mockery" of a book sold?

Who the hell knows.

But I just might as well be purchasing.

Image Comics releases this 48-page oversized full-color hardcover to comic books stores everywhere for $24.99 on April 20th, 2011.

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