Monday, February 28, 2011

NEW MUSIC: "21st Century Girl," by Willow Smith

The wait is over. That's if you waited, of course. If not, well, just take a listen.

Willow Smith debuts her latest single, "21st Century Girl," which is straight dance pop. From the looks of it, Willow's going for a confident girl who doesn't give a hoot what anyone has to say. First it was with her hair, now it's with who she is in general. I mean . . . hello.

Though it's a song you can definitely bump in a club or a party to get your adrenaline pumping, it's something you either don't like, find it doable, needs to hear or get used to it to make a verdict, or are ready to make a remix to blast at the next house party.

Either way, this song is gonna be talked about.

It personally doesn't do what "Whip My Hair," did for me, but, it's passable.

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