Friday, February 25, 2011

NEW MUSIC: Timothy Bloom, "'Til The End of Time."

Ugh, R&B has long evaporated from what it used to be. Need I also mention that the females roles in quote un-quote R&B has drastically changed as well. No more dark skinned beauties...matter of fact, no more black beauties in general, whether they be half black & half-white, or just light skinned. Nowadays, it's all about the exotic Brazilian and Spanish women. BUT . . . no fear. For someone has brought what our ears and eyes have wanted.

Timothy Bloom (someone who have just stumbled upon due to this video) delivers sexy old school R&B with a modern twist at a fine request, a simple black and white turned color video channeling his inner D'Angelo with none other than a beautiful head shaven black sister (with a cake so envious...) as his female lead: the beautiful songstress, V. Bozeman.

This song is beautiful, the simplicity of the video brings out added beauty, and how amazing their skins mesh against each other, silky and dark, is just exquisite. I love the song, and the video. Therefore it had to be posted.

Check him out here!

Source: Zoiks Online

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