Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NEW VIDEO: Rihanna's "S&M"

HA! Rihanna never ceases to amaze me. Over the years I have gone from enjoying her music to fully falling in love with her (yes, I've had dreams time and time again of Rihanna using those whips and chains she croons in this song a few times on me . . . like you haven't!) . Yeah, she might not be a top notch singer, but she knows exactly how to draw someone in. No one knows what it is, how she does it . . . but when she does it, she does it so well . . . Got damn.

This video? My all time fave. It's like you colored all over the page of a partying coloring book and add whips, chains, and some bedazzling into it. It's so fetch. Yeah, I went there.


P.S.: I love the red hair on her. LOVE.

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' ' sнarz... said...

I love this songs and the vid reminded me of the 90s..(Busta Rhymes Gimme Some More) and I love the 90s.

It was exciting and racy but so cute. Rihanna's gotten much better. I used to say "fck Rihanna, I hate her... her music sucks.. omg how did she get on mainstream" BUT NOW I actually got her album and love her off. lol!

( http://fckyouyoko.blogspot.com )

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