Friday, February 25, 2011

Nicki Minaj At Her Finest!

Don't call me a Nicki Minaj fan, because I'm not. I've gotten used to her rapping, that's for sure, and there are a few of her verses that she's done for a few songs for other artists that I've grown fond of (for example, her verse on Drake's "Up All Night," and Rihanna's "Raining Men."), but still. I'm no fan. Not only that, her style has had me itching a hole through my scalp! Peculiar style at its best, lemme tell ya.

But never have I doubted her beauty, though. Beause she is gorgeous, I won't even try to pretend. So imagine my eyes when I saw this gorgeous photoshoot she did for BlackBook magazine.

Nicki Minaj






Minus the front cover (lol) NICKI! You're such a cutie.
Still not a fan. Atleast not yet. A few more features and you might become a lookout. MIGHT.

To read her interview, click here!

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