Thursday, March 31, 2011

NEW MUSIC (VIDEOS): Melanie Fiona & Katy Perry

NEW MUSIC (clap clap-clap clap)! Tee hee, just tryna get some morning fun in. Anywho, here right now I've got two artists with some new music on the rise.

Melanie Fiona, who I introduced to you guys a gooooood year or so ago, had a successful run with her album, "The Bridge." I liked it. It was cute, and her voice is really magnificent, in a raspy, soulful, powerful way. Imagine her singing at church. Geeeeezus. I think that's how she started out, no?

Anyway, she's back with a new single, "Gone And Never Coming Back," and I have to say after the second verse, I started liking it. Her delivery is powerful from the beginning, but I go for momentum. So this is why it would have been iffy. But it worked. And I like it.

MY NUMERO UNO (Wo)Man Candy, Katy Perry! Owwwwww! I haven't spoken about her a lot lately, due to me slightly cheating on her with others? Sawwy, baby. But anywho, she's back with the video for her new single ft. Kanye West off her album "Teenage Dream," called "E.T."

My oh my, this video fit the title of this song and SURPASSED that. Ugh. I really like it. The single is great on its own, and with the touches of Kanye, it's even better, but the video was not expected ot be all out, and it was! I mean . . . And the beautiful fact that the love interest is albino . . . surely there is a subliminal message here that I'm hoping you guys catch, yeah?

Great videos to great songs, no?

Have either of them failed to entertain you?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wonder Woman, WTF?!

So it's been going through the grapevine and beyond that Wonder Woman is being remaid, and
the above picture WAS the costume she was going to wear, but after tons of criticism from all corners of the world (totally exagerating, but people shitted on this costume so bad), they decided to change it to the BELOW picture.

I'm gonna tell you right now: she looks foolish. This costume looks like it came straight out of a Party City bag, and that she's preparing for Halloween a bit too early. Not only that, but she doesn't even look right. I'm a firm believer that you make the clothes, not the clothes making you. So if something looks shitty, you make it work. You have to bring the clothes to life. She doesn't look like she's making ANYTHING work.

Wonder Woman new set pic1.jpg

She looks like a mental patient that thinks she's Wonder Woman and compiled a half-assed costume and is now running around tryna save ass. I'm not buying this not one bit.

Wonder Woman has never looked so wack, afraid to say.

What do you think?

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Wolfpack Is Back, Bitches.

  • Doug is AWOL.
  • Stu has a tattoo on his fac.e Oh lordy.
  • Alan has a Caesar cut. Oh gee.
  • Phil still looks sexy. He does no wrong.

Tis all, my friends.


Who doesn't adore Clueless?! One of the best movies to ever happen to girls is an absolute fave that, til' this day, is still admired for everything it was.

We've seen Alicia Silverstone further her career (don't know where it is now, but whatever/UPDATE: Alicia is preggo! Click here for info!), seen Stacey Dash maintain the look she rocked in the 90s as the loveable Dionne IN "Clueless," (seriously, how does she still look so beautiful!?! She's in her 40s, man!) we've followed Brittany Murphy bloom into a household name, and then mourned her sudden death (RIP, Brittany. "Rolling with the homies!") and we have also followed Paul Rudd as he joined the powerhouse comedy stoner crew in our favorite movies such as "I Love You, Man," and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."


So how effing COOL is it that Urban Outffiters came out with two Clueless shirts?! One with the infamous promotional poster and the other with one of my FAVORITE and one of the most cutest and most memeorable lines, said by the adorable Brittany Murphy as Tai: "You're a virgin who can't drive."



To purchase the promotional shirt, click here.
To purchase the "Virgin," shirt, click here.

Photos Courtesy: NYLON Blogs

Friday, March 25, 2011

Solange Is Really Becoming a Big Help!

Solange modelling Julez' tee shirt design for Japan

Solange has really proved to us (without trying to, of course) that a little goes a long way. First she teamed up with Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor to create a song that caters to sanitizing water for those in Kenya, and now she's teaming up with her son Julez, to create tee shirts made toward the Japan tsunami/earthquake fiasco that happened on March 11th, with all proceeds going to Peace Winds.

Here is a picture of the adorable artist hard at work,
and below is a picture of him wearing his creations.

And below is Solange with designer

Here Solange poses with her "brother", Ty!

Something as simple as a tee-shirt can make a world of difference. Kudos to Solange and Julez for wanting to make a difference! The shirts are really cute, too. Nothing over the top, but done with the hands of a kid and with the intentions of bringing awareness and aid.

For more information and where to buy a shirt, check her out on Twitter!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Introducing: The Heavy!

I speak about them as if they're a new band that's broadcasting their music on twitter and Myspace for all the nation to hear and scream brilliance at the top of their lungs, but in reality, they've been around for a while! I introduce to you, The Heavy!

I stumbled upon their song "Short Change Hero," while I was watching a Gameplay trailer of the latest Batman game, "Batman: Arkham City," which after watching, I hope to buy since it looks super kick ass. The song was playing in the background and it happened to really set the mood I was vibing to. The song has a bit of indie rock rhythm while embellishing some soul, which is what really gets me. It's smooth but if listened to for a certain occasion, can become eerie. Not scary eerie, but spine tingling in a fantastic kind of way kind of eerie, know what I mean?

[Sample the goodness above!]

After the song, I looked up their other songs, downloaded their album, and looked up their information. You know, to get to know a little something something on who I'm listening to. Turns out their songs have been featured on other games such as "Gran Turismo 5," shows like "Community," "White Collar," "Entourage," and movies such as "The Fighter."

Supposedly hailing from the UK, this band really is amazing. Neo-Soul and Indie Rock?! What?! Ch'yeah, I know. I absolutely love them. Go and get their latest album (which I've jammed to countless number of times) "The House That Dirt Built."


Monday, March 21, 2011

How To: Wear A Silk Scarf 9 Different Ways!

I love DIY videos. But what I love more is accomplishing said DIY's. Extremely beneficial for when you want to save money and also try something new that you won't see anyone else try is probably one of the best benefits of anything Do-It-Yourself, and today I found the PERFECT one for Spring/Summer.


Yes, even with the hot weather, you can rock scarves. Just keep in mind that they should be light and/or silk, as shown in this video.

Michelle Phan, one of Youtube's greatest Make-Up and DIY sensations, has come with a new video on how to wear silk scarves 9 different ways in the Spring. I swear, watching this vid brought a whole new light to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. I CANNOT WAIT TO TRY THIS OUT. Check out the video above to learn how to do it yourself!

What do you guys think?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Solange Contributes To "Music for RAIN" Foundation

Solange Knowles (left) alongside Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor

Solange Knowles, one of my favorite artists, has come together with the Grizzly Bears' Chris Taylor and Twin Shadow to create a track for the "Music for RAIN" foundation, in which donators donate money to aid in sanitizing water for those in Africa who have no choice but to drink unhealthy and contaminated water, which contributes to illnesses and even death. When you donate money, you are given the track done by Solange, Chris, and Twin Shadow called "Kenya," to download and enjoy, of course. So not only do you get to feel great about donating toward an important cause, but you also feel great while enjoying a great song.

Here is the official video for the song, "Kenya."

To learn more info about "Music for RAIN," click here.
To donate, click here.

I'll be sure to donate and spread the word around of course. Will you be doing the same?

"Water isn't a privilege . . . it's a necessity." -Solange Knowles

Friday, March 11, 2011

GAMERS: "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception," Level Video

So ever since I bought the Playstation 3, I've become a teensy bit of a gamer. I'm still a noob (as my boyfriend reminds me sometimes) but none the less, I've become just a bit more interested in the adventure gamers embark on because I have become a part of that adventure. Here's a few things I realized about gaming, or MY gaming:
  1. I'm infatuated with first person shooters. They're way more fun for me because I'm in the eye of the character and the control of the gun is in MY hands. It just makes the gaming much more intense. And I just go apeshit for intensity.
  2. If you're starting a new game for the first time and plan to play it for only 2 hours, expect to play it for the remainder of the day. Because if a game is that good and you put a time limit on yourself, chances are you're going to break it. I did that with "Red Dead Redemption."
  3. Expect to be pwned, beaten, screwed, and assaulted whilst playing online. Because you have people that dedicate their LIVES to these games. LIVES. Level 50+? Please. Your life (or your characters life) is pretty much over. You go right into the game, POW! You're dead. I experienced this while playing "Modern Warfare 2." I became so frustrated, I wanted to cry. They really show you no mercy.
  4. If you have a headset . . . the things you'll hear, man.
  5. People will automatically add you as a friend if you perform really well online. Either that, or if your name sounds sexy enough. I've gotten friend requests on my name ALONE. Which is "Frenchalot." Need I say more?
uncharted 3 slider 1024x714 Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception Debut Trailer

BUT ANYWAY . . . The Uncharted series has peaked my interest, and since I own "Uncharted 2," and have played it (but not yet beat it) and have absolutely fell in love with it (the graphics are top-notch, the storyline is fantastic, the characters are funny . . . it's jam packed action!), I've been eager to obtain any details for the third one coming out, "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception."

In this one, the hero travels to theArabian Desert, in search of the legendary (as always, Drake) "Atlantis of the Sands," where, along with his mentor Victor Sullivan, he faces off with new villains including Katherine Marlowe, the she-villain of the story, who strikes a remarkable resemblance to Helen Mirren, who is so fetch, it's ridonkulous.

Check out this video of a clip from the game. I am pumped beyond pumped. I'm ready. READY. And online gamers? I'm coming for you.

Uncharted 3 Promotional Photo Courtesy: The Netwerk
Uncharted 3 Screenshot Photo Courtesy: Computer & Video Games
Video Courtesy: PlaystationEU Youtube

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Alicia Keys ft. Beyonce: "Put It In A Love Song," Video Snippet

Alicia Keys and Beyonce? On a track? And now a video? Too much beauty for my eyes.

This is the just released teaser for the video for Alicia Keys' "Put It In A Love Song," ft. Beyonce off her "The Element of Freedom," album. I have fallen off Alicia and Beyonce both. Their sounds have changed in a way I'm not to keen with, but when you put these two girls together with their powerhouse voices and their natural beauty, you can't help but get a little (okay, A LOT) curious as to what magic is being worked here.

And um, do you see how gorgeous and colorful this video looks? I won't deny. They haven't been my go-to artists with their latest content, but I'm kinda hype to see this.

What do you think, guys?

Man Candie(s) #7 & #8: Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles

Sons of bitches. Eff your life if you don't appreciate all that is "Supernatural." Seriously. Take that to your grave. Put that on your tombstone. I kid you NOT. When I first laid eyes on this show, I was hooked. HOOKED. And then, of course . . . the stars.

You've got Jensen Ackles. Dean Winchester. Top poncho in this bitch. Dude is hilarious. I wait for him to say things because I know I will fall off my sitting utensil with laughter escaping my mouth. To wait for such funny antics is torture. Thank God they do not torture me for long, you know? So not only is Dean funny, but he's a badass. Dead titties? He's a badass. A funny badass. Did I mention he's mother effin sexy?! He has this look that is so coy. SO COY!

And then you have Jared Padalecki. Sam Winchester. My baby. Ugh . . . Sam is forever innocent in this show but when he gets evil, he goes there. And his undercover anger is so sexy when it comes out! You don't want to get turned on because, hello. He's evil at the moment and he'll kill you with no mercy. But . . . it looks so good! Plus he's just so adorably sexy . . . it's so possible. He makes it so possible. And he's a smart cookie.

And, just a note. When these boys have sex scenes, they never come half-assed. They go in. Bulging biceps, roughness, control, passion . . . geez . . . you get urly toes and teeth marks in your pillow from watching alone.

Dean & Sam Winchester, you are the truth.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Your Mother & Your Hair

With many transitioning, born again, or long time naturals, the one problem they've had to face is acceptance, not only with themselves but with the people around them, including partners, friends and family. Going natural is one of the hardest decisions and experiences, especially when people are not behind you with your decision or don't like the outcome. I've read stories from many naturals on tons of Natural Hair message boards and post comments that have said their partners look at them different, their friends bet when they'll get a new perm in because they can't take the 'do, and even mothers who advise for their daughter to stay with the creamy crack because natural hair has to be curly and long and full of shine and bounce, and anything other than that isn't beautiful or good hair.

It's one thing to have a partner say that. The person you love all of a sudden finds something wrong with you that makes you feel free. A best friend? The person who's got your back? Obviously changed their mind. But a mother? The woman who raised you, loved you, gave you advice and taught you the etiquette of being a woman? Telling you that the hair she used to comb into pigtails and tie with ribbons is not the good kind? That's harsh.

With me, though? It was completely different. My mother was the one that encouraged me NOT to get a perm in 7th grade, when I was fed up with my classmates teasing me because I was the only girl that put her hair up in puffs or wore her hair out in afros. She said my hair was fine and that a perm would only solve things temporarily. But I didn't care. I wanted to stop the torment. So one Friday after school let out, she took me to her hairdresser. And I got that perm.

Three years later, as my hair became dark brown instead of remain its jet black color . . . As my hair became shorter and shorter due to the split ends . . . As my hair got thinner and thinner due to excessive combing . . . And as my kitchen became butchered, it was SHE who pulled me aside and said, "Cynthia. Look at this. What I tell you? You're hair's not the same."

That's right. It was my mother who convinced me to go natural, not the other way around. And I didn't object. I transitioned til my natural ends were long enough to put in a ponytail, and then she gladly snipped off my permed ends, and I was perm free.

No one objected to my natural hair, except an aunt who was natural herself, telling me my hair was out of control and I needed to tame it with a perm, or my father's best friend who used to pick me and my sister up from work, telling me my hair was too much. A hot comb or perm will do. Except for those ignorant folks in my life, I've had support from my partner (my boyfriend loves me hair. Except the grease lol, but he loves my hair and respects what I go through to keep it the way it is), my friends who tell me my hair is my pride and joy and it looks like so because it's always cute, and most importantly my family, who always comment on how thick and gorgeous my hair is. I've gotten my sisters to stop perming their hair (though my older sister uses texturizer and my little sister flat irons...Sigh! What can I say?). Even my mother, who's seen that from my 15 year old born again natural self up until now, that my hair has gotten better, SHE envies the natural transition. She would love to go back, but because of her job and her patience, she feels a perm is OK with her. Plus she keeps good care of her perm.

So to wrap this up, even if you had a large amount of support like I have or if you have the support of a pea, look within yourself to see if what you're about to do is right for YOU. Going natural again was a great decision. If you feel that way, go along with it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Health Corner: Fasting

In my earlier posts, specifically the New Years post, I told you all that one of the things I wanted to do was become healthier. Skin, body, and hair wise. I see myself in a few years. Working at a magazine, trying to work my way up to be a Co-Editor in Chief or to have a good enough and trustworthy team to back me up on the magazine I hope to be the Editor in Chief of. I'll be with my boyfriend, both of us making moves. I'll make time for my friends, go get lunch whenever . . . but one of the biggest things that I want for in those next few years is for me to be healthy. Not just now and then I'm done, but so I'm disciplined in the art of getting to a healthier me.

To me, it's vital to focus on yourself because you're the only person that you has at the end of the day. To screw around with your body as if you can duplicate another you in case the you now f***'s up is a bad mentality. I want my life to be great. I want to leave something great behind. I want to be healthy.

So earlier I was looking through my daily blog reads and came across this post from Thank God I'm Natural about fasting. I was instantly intrigued, and after reading this, I hope you all are, too!

Here are some questions that are being answered when it comes to fasting:

"What are the benefits of fasting?

Fasting is a multidimensional experience in which total body transformation occurs. There are a wide range of metabolic changes and experiences. The benefits of fasting include heightened spiritual awareness and relaxation of the body, mind, and emotions. Many feel a sense of letting go of pain from the past and developing a positive attitude towards the present. During fasting, the body is able to clean out its system because it is not expending energy towards the digestive organs. The blood and lymph are detoxified. When fasting, the release of toxins from the colon, kidneys, bladder, lungs, sinuses, and skin clears out complications that have arisen from a bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle."


"Who does fasting work for? What are some of the conditions for which fasting is beneficial?

Fasting is a safe preventive method to enhance existing well-being. Short-term fasts (48 hours or less) usually can go unsupervised. For longer fasts or fasts used to treat medical
conditions, medical doctors recommend a physical evaluation by a qualified professional, the prescription of a particular fasting pattern, and monitored physical and biochemical changes. Fasting has been successful treating conditions such as:

Colds diabetes

Flus fever

Bronchitis fatigue

Headaches back pains

Constipation mental illness

Food and environmental allergies cancer

Asthma obesity

Insomnia skin problems

Back pain caused by tight muscles is usually alleviated with juice fasting by unclogging congested organs and the colon area. Fasting is frequently used in the traditional medical system to treat obesity; however, some doctors take issue with whether overweight people should be fasting at all. A change of diet might be the first step to a healthier lifestyle- the fast might be the push that person needs to get their diet started. In cases of severe obesity one needs to be closely monitored by a trained professional Patients with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia may also be helped- not as a cure, but as an indication of what foods and drugs should be used or avoided in the patients treatment plan."


Why Fast?

Fasting is one of the most natural, powerful therapies known to humankind and is used to remove accumulated toxins from the body (therefore “Detox”). Periods of abstinence from solid food – a ritual since ancient times – allow the body to “cleanse and purify”, to remove multitudes of toxins, excess fat, parasites, and the like caused by years of fast food, cigarettes, prescription drugs and alcohol. Add to that work and family-related stress, indigestion, illnesses, constipation and sedentary lifestyles, and you have a recipe for an unhealthy colon. Furthermore, the cells, tissues, organs of your body are given a well-deserved and much needed chance to slow down, rest, and heal.

Unfortunately, today’s most diets are heavily loaded with chemical additives, flavorings, coloring agents, toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other toxic chemicals which overburden our bodies. As this toxic overload accumulates decade after decade, it eventually interferes with normal functioning and our body’s elimination becomes impaired. “The organs of the body can accumulate toxins for years and years without rebelling ….eventually the organs can no longer cope. It is then we experience “disease”. It is the point of overload, and when it has reached this point it is often a chronic state of ill health, or even an acute condition that we will suffer. So often we ignore the warning signs along the way,” say Dr. Norman Walker.

During fasting, large amounts of these accumulated metabolic wastes and poisons are gradually eliminated through the greatly enhanced cleansing ability of all the organs of elimination – liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. With the addition of Colon Cleansing and self-administered Colemas (a cleansing regime whereby the colon is flushed out with natural solutions, in itself a potent detoxification tool) detoxing/fasting can offer a safe and transformative process moving you to much greater states of health and well-being."

I'm thinking of doing this. Probably every week of every month or every week bi-monthly. It's possible. It's a challenge, since me and food go waaaaay back. But too much of something is never a good thing, right?

To read the rest in you're interested, click here.
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