Friday, March 11, 2011

GAMERS: "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception," Level Video

So ever since I bought the Playstation 3, I've become a teensy bit of a gamer. I'm still a noob (as my boyfriend reminds me sometimes) but none the less, I've become just a bit more interested in the adventure gamers embark on because I have become a part of that adventure. Here's a few things I realized about gaming, or MY gaming:
  1. I'm infatuated with first person shooters. They're way more fun for me because I'm in the eye of the character and the control of the gun is in MY hands. It just makes the gaming much more intense. And I just go apeshit for intensity.
  2. If you're starting a new game for the first time and plan to play it for only 2 hours, expect to play it for the remainder of the day. Because if a game is that good and you put a time limit on yourself, chances are you're going to break it. I did that with "Red Dead Redemption."
  3. Expect to be pwned, beaten, screwed, and assaulted whilst playing online. Because you have people that dedicate their LIVES to these games. LIVES. Level 50+? Please. Your life (or your characters life) is pretty much over. You go right into the game, POW! You're dead. I experienced this while playing "Modern Warfare 2." I became so frustrated, I wanted to cry. They really show you no mercy.
  4. If you have a headset . . . the things you'll hear, man.
  5. People will automatically add you as a friend if you perform really well online. Either that, or if your name sounds sexy enough. I've gotten friend requests on my name ALONE. Which is "Frenchalot." Need I say more?
uncharted 3 slider 1024x714 Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception Debut Trailer

BUT ANYWAY . . . The Uncharted series has peaked my interest, and since I own "Uncharted 2," and have played it (but not yet beat it) and have absolutely fell in love with it (the graphics are top-notch, the storyline is fantastic, the characters are funny . . . it's jam packed action!), I've been eager to obtain any details for the third one coming out, "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception."

In this one, the hero travels to theArabian Desert, in search of the legendary (as always, Drake) "Atlantis of the Sands," where, along with his mentor Victor Sullivan, he faces off with new villains including Katherine Marlowe, the she-villain of the story, who strikes a remarkable resemblance to Helen Mirren, who is so fetch, it's ridonkulous.

Check out this video of a clip from the game. I am pumped beyond pumped. I'm ready. READY. And online gamers? I'm coming for you.

Uncharted 3 Promotional Photo Courtesy: The Netwerk
Uncharted 3 Screenshot Photo Courtesy: Computer & Video Games
Video Courtesy: PlaystationEU Youtube

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