Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Introducing: The Heavy!

I speak about them as if they're a new band that's broadcasting their music on twitter and Myspace for all the nation to hear and scream brilliance at the top of their lungs, but in reality, they've been around for a while! I introduce to you, The Heavy!

I stumbled upon their song "Short Change Hero," while I was watching a Gameplay trailer of the latest Batman game, "Batman: Arkham City," which after watching, I hope to buy since it looks super kick ass. The song was playing in the background and it happened to really set the mood I was vibing to. The song has a bit of indie rock rhythm while embellishing some soul, which is what really gets me. It's smooth but if listened to for a certain occasion, can become eerie. Not scary eerie, but spine tingling in a fantastic kind of way kind of eerie, know what I mean?

[Sample the goodness above!]

After the song, I looked up their other songs, downloaded their album, and looked up their information. You know, to get to know a little something something on who I'm listening to. Turns out their songs have been featured on other games such as "Gran Turismo 5," shows like "Community," "White Collar," "Entourage," and movies such as "The Fighter."

Supposedly hailing from the UK, this band really is amazing. Neo-Soul and Indie Rock?! What?! Ch'yeah, I know. I absolutely love them. Go and get their latest album (which I've jammed to countless number of times) "The House That Dirt Built."


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