Thursday, March 17, 2011

Solange Contributes To "Music for RAIN" Foundation

Solange Knowles (left) alongside Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor

Solange Knowles, one of my favorite artists, has come together with the Grizzly Bears' Chris Taylor and Twin Shadow to create a track for the "Music for RAIN" foundation, in which donators donate money to aid in sanitizing water for those in Africa who have no choice but to drink unhealthy and contaminated water, which contributes to illnesses and even death. When you donate money, you are given the track done by Solange, Chris, and Twin Shadow called "Kenya," to download and enjoy, of course. So not only do you get to feel great about donating toward an important cause, but you also feel great while enjoying a great song.

Here is the official video for the song, "Kenya."

To learn more info about "Music for RAIN," click here.
To donate, click here.

I'll be sure to donate and spread the word around of course. Will you be doing the same?

"Water isn't a privilege . . . it's a necessity." -Solange Knowles

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