Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wonder Woman, WTF?!

So it's been going through the grapevine and beyond that Wonder Woman is being remaid, and
the above picture WAS the costume she was going to wear, but after tons of criticism from all corners of the world (totally exagerating, but people shitted on this costume so bad), they decided to change it to the BELOW picture.

I'm gonna tell you right now: she looks foolish. This costume looks like it came straight out of a Party City bag, and that she's preparing for Halloween a bit too early. Not only that, but she doesn't even look right. I'm a firm believer that you make the clothes, not the clothes making you. So if something looks shitty, you make it work. You have to bring the clothes to life. She doesn't look like she's making ANYTHING work.

Wonder Woman new set pic1.jpg

She looks like a mental patient that thinks she's Wonder Woman and compiled a half-assed costume and is now running around tryna save ass. I'm not buying this not one bit.

Wonder Woman has never looked so wack, afraid to say.

What do you think?

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