Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kat Dennings Covers Complex!

WHOOOOOOO! God I love Complex Magazine, but I'm not too sure I love it as much as I love the woman on the cover of their latest issue. Kat Effin' Dennings, man. I can't even fathom how amazing she is without having to go into this frenzy. She spews laid back awesomeness that rarely any girl has. I might be exaggerating (to you guys) but . . . got damn. I LUUUUH ME SOME KAT!

BUT . . . this interview was so drab. I must admit how bored I was with not only the questions being asked but also the way she answered them. And back to the questions being asked . . . really? I'm baffled that this person came to the Editor with THIS and the Editor said it's fine. This was atrocious.

Here's a clip of her in "Thor." Oooooh, she has a taser....

Video Source for "Thor": Pajiba
Photo Source: Complex Magazine

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