Thursday, April 21, 2011

NEW MUSIC (VIDEO): "Rain Check," by J*Davey

J*Davey . . . the duo consisting of Briana Cartwright, whose stage name is Jack Davey and male producer Brook D'Leau. A group with music categorized as alternative hip hop, alternative rock, soul, electronica, fusion, jazz, punk, funk, new wave and R&B futurists. A group so eclectic, but a group so interesting . . .

Tee hee! I went in, didn't I?

If you know about J*Davey, you were on the right track. If not, then it's never too late to get into their tunes, especially with this song.

The song in itself is major sexy and simple. Nothing extravagant, but it hits you seductively. And not to mention the video just sets it on fire! Whooo, Jack Davey is pounding hearts and giving people wet dreams! Loves it.

What do you think?

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