Thursday, April 14, 2011

"The Office's" Michael Scott: How He Would Exit Show

Are you unofficial Dunder Mifflin employees ready to see the departure of TV's greatest boss, Michael Scott? Well, I know I'm not. The last new episode they premiered, in which Michael proposed to Holly and also in which now they are moving away together, had me all bent. ALL BENT. The look on the faces of the Dunder Mifflin crew, i tell you . . . I felt their pain man.

So starting tonight with a brand new episode, follows Michael's departure with Will Ferrell making a guest appearance as one of the candiddates to take Michael's spot. PSYCHED AS HELL OVER HERE.

But here is some piece of information on how the Executive Producer, who plays Toby (GO FIGURE!) wanted to make Michael Scott's exit.

We initially, a year ago, had a plan of very quietly exiting Michael Scott. And then after he announced, it became very clear that nobody was going to allow us to quietly exit Michael Scott and Steve Carell. It was a big story people wanted to talk about. At that point, we decided to play out on air what happens in an office when someone leaves, the growing pains and adjustments that come with management changes. It's something a lot of people have experienced, and we search all the time for the relatable office stories. So it felt like we had a good, relatable story line that was worthy of an arc.

With names popping up such as Will Ferrell, James Spader, Will Arnett, and Ray Romano, I can only imagine who will take Michael's place. But one thing is for sure:

Dunder Mifflin isn't Dunder Mifflin without Michael Scott.

To read more of the inreview, click here.

Source: Splitsider

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I liked seeing Ferrell and Carell on-screen together again, they really have good chemistry. I hope the show doesn’t totally suck without them but I can’t see how anyone could replace Carell. I guess if it all goes south I can just watch older episodes at to get my Office fix. I work for DISH Network and they created to allow customers to watch their shows online; it’s pretty convenient especially since I can look up older shows and even order movies to rent.

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