Monday, April 25, 2011

Paul Reiser Show CANCELED!

Not to mention after 2 episodes! Whoa buddy . . .

The show about a former TV star who now lives a normal life but wants to give his life some UMPH with the help of his friends that replaced the new-but-canceled-show "Perfect Couples," and aired after "Community," on NBC's Thursday Night Line-up, received just a 1.1 adults 18-49 rating its debut and deemed NBC's lowest rated show in all NBC's history. Not to mention the second episode grabbing a 23% drop to 2.54 million viewers and a 0.9 rating.


To replace it will be reruns of "The Office."

Is this surprising? I mean, I caught the premiere after watching "Community," and I did change the channel after ten minutes . . .

Source: Splitsider

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