Friday, April 1, 2011

Stephen Colbert Performs Rebecca Black's "Friday," for Charity! HUZZAH!

You know what . . . I can try to run away from the treachery of pop culture, but got dammit, it finds the greatest ways to creep up on me. You don't know how much I did to avoid talking, listening, or acknowledging the existance that is Rebecca Black, with her "Friday," song. A girl that confused on what seat to take in her friends car when they pull up and this obsession with Friday really put a toll on my heart for the human race and my children.

But, see . . . Stephen Colbert knows how to change that, doesn't he?

Son of a b--- . . . biscuit eating bulldog.

If you don't know, Stephen Colbert auctioned off a painting to himself, worth $26,000. The money was going to be donated to, which is an organization helping schools that need aid through donations. So to match up his donation, Jimmy and Stephen announced being best friends forever for 6 months (lol, WHAT?!) and in doing so, they will do what they can together to donate to Cute riiiight?

Thing is, Jimmy had no clue his donation was being matched. Not. One. Clue. Heh heh...

SOOOOOO teaming up, if by April 1st, this past Friday, they raise $26,000 on Jimmy's show, Stephen will come on and sing Rebecca Black's epic "Friday" song, accompanied by The Roots.

And guess what happened?

They got iiiiiiit!

Video Source: Jimmy Fallon Blog

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Atlanta Roofing said...

How sad. You obviously know nothing about real singing talent. Colbert actually has a very good singing voice and shows some vocal training. The song went downhill after the rap portion with Fallon, Hicks and the bad dancers.

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