Saturday, April 30, 2011

Steve Carell Makes A Personal Goodbye Video to "The Office," Fans!

I made a failed attempt Thursday night to hold back my tears as Michael Scott made his last appearance on "The Office." After Thursday's episode, the greatest boss on television has thrown away the "World's Best Boss," mug (replacing it with a personal "World's Best Boss 2011," trophy from the Dunder Mifflin Staff) and packed his bags to be with his soulmate, Holly, in Colorado.

Those who've been a faithful "The Office," viewer have grown a love for it so pure, you practically consider yourself a Dunder Mifflin employee. We've watched Michael change from a bit of a selfish and at times pompous asshole to an absolute sweetheart. We've seen him go from what he THOUGHT was love (Jan) to what he KNEW was love (Holly). We've seen him fail as a friend but triumph just as quickly in many situations. We've seen him scheme to get his way and then do the right thing. We've seen him make a fool of himself and we've seen him step up to be a truly great person. We've seen him bring people down but we've seen him pick them back up. We've practically sat in that conference room and laughed, rolled our eyes, gasped aloud, and shook our head to the conversations brought up in there.

Michael Scott is many things. But we cannot deny how great of a man he is.

I'm talking as if someone has passed away or has moved, but see? That's just it. Michael Scott might be a fictional character, but the way Steve Carell has brought him to life, you can swear that you've worked for him, and that your heart pounded with happiness while you held that candle to aid Michael in that grand proposal he made to Holly. You also felt your heart shatter when just a minute later, he told us all he was leaving.

Tonight was so difficult, knowing that this wonderful show will continue without the person who brought it to what it is.

Here is a video of Steve Carell, the man who touched our hearts, giving us Dunder Mifflin employees his own farewell.

Michael Scott Is The Biggest Boss
That We've Seen Thus Far.

I love you. You will be greatly missed.

Source: Vulture

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ABIGAIL NY said...

Miss him on the show already ... will farrell better impress!

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