Saturday, May 28, 2011

Natural Hair Community: Getting Out of Hand?

I went natural back in my sophomore year of High School, which was 5-6 years ago. When I did it, I wasn’t scared of the ridicule I would get for being the only girl without a perm as I used to be in 7th grade, which led to me getting a perm in the first place. I just wanted that crap of out my system. I felt bored with a perm, seeing as how I couldn’t do as much as I wanted. See, I had no idea what I could achieve with natural hair, but I thought to myself, “It has to be better and more alive than this.”

And it was. I had so much fun with my hair once my mother clipped off the permed ends. The poofs, the fro’s, the accessories, the cornrows and twists . . . I did whatever I felt like, and in doing so, it brought an attitude to me that has shaped me to become the person I am today. Fun, happy, full of excitement with a punch of eccentricity.

Around this time, I never knew there was a natural hair community. I was 15 years old, doing what I felt and loving it. I didn’t know there were blogs that banded together to better educate the hair we grew up with. I didn’t know people were testing pH balances, concocting deep conditioners and listing what oils went well with what. I was completely oblivious. And to this day, a part of me wishes I still was.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The natural hair community has become a community I’m happy to be a part of. I’ve learned quite a lot, met a lot of people, educated a lot of people, and so on. I’ve been able to bring curls to my hair, seen conditioners in a whole new light, and so on. But at the same time . . . I lost myself within the education.

There are blogs after blogs, YouTube gurus after gurus, doctors after doctors telling us one day one item is great, and the next day saying it’ll damage your hair. We’re using things such as henna, tea, and so on to bring shine and body and even growth to our hair. There are so many options that you begin to do SO MUCH with your hair, and where it becomes overwhelming. My mother would notice that the amount of products I bought would increase week after week. I’d be using her household items like Extra Virgin Olive Oil and her honey, and she would watch in dismay as I went ape shit trying to bring my hair to become, what? Healthy? Better than it already was?

My hair was fine before I embarked on this “make my hair that was fine before, HEALTHIER,” journey, which started off cool but has become tragic. I did what blogs advised me to do, but then another blog said different, and I wouldn’t know what to do! One day, I tried a product that I thought was working for me, but that ended up drastically breaking my hair, and ever since then it has been a rollercoaster for me to go back to the hair I once had that brought me happiness. Right now I’m suffering with High Porosity, and I’m weighing the option of cutting all of my hair or just leaving it and treating it.

Natural hair isn’t as difficult as it seems. Our hair needs moisture. Lots of moisture. Don’t use grease that clog the scalp that include petroleum, for it prevents moisture from coming in. Condition after you shampoo to bring back the moisture into your hair that the shampoo strips away . . . every blog/video will tell you the same thing. Yet it seems people keep trying to find something deeper, as if there’s a formula we’re hiding. It’s simple, if you understand it.

Taren916, a YouTube natural hair guru who I subscribe to, posted a question: Are Natural Hair Videos Boring? And to my surprise a lot of people said yes. Folks are complaining that natural hair blogs/videos are becoming lackluster with the same facts, same product reviews, same ways on how to co-wash, shampoo, deep condition, henna and all that jazz . . . people get it. They know what they need to do. Some have given up trying to do exactly what they’re told because they see it doesn’t work for them and see their way is better and more effective. Someone on YouTube said, “Once you know the basics of natural hair care, there's not a whole lot to say.”

I’m not blaming these gurus/bloggers. They simply learn something in which they want to share with anyone who has difficulties with their hair, or anyone who wants to spruce it up. That’s understandable, and we’re grateful that you care enough. But to those who are watching and reading and who are soaking everything in, we have to stop searching for more. People watching videos with gurus that don’t match their hair type and who get mad that their hair doesn’t turn up like theirs, people upset when someone raves about a product but see it does diddly squat for them . . .

It’s all so much. Not to mention there weren’t so many to begin with. There was a good handful that gave you enough info to get by. So now, there are numbers upon NUMBERS with the same details. For those who are new or transitioning, it’s all new to them, this natural hair journey. But once they get into reading numerous blogs and watching countless YouTube videos, will they become overwhelmed as well?

For naturals who have been in the game for years, at the end of the day, keep it simple. Don’t trial and error as much. If there’s a product you trust, trust it. Stick by it. Yes, it’s great to try new things but if your hair knows what it likes, then keep feeding it to your hair. Love it, nurture it. Treat it right. If there is ANYTHING a natural should go to bed knowing that is written in stone, is that MOISTURE IS A MUST. That’s it. Go with that. Create a simple regimen and run with it. For those who are new, learn the basics of how to treat your hair, and that's it. If you go in too deep, you'll go crazy.

As for me? A cut might be a necessity. Right now, I’m keeping my hair moisturized as much as possible. Co-wash every three days, deep condition once a week, whipped shea butter with essential oils so I don’t have to go crazy with which one I didn’t put in my hair, spray bottle filled with water, satin scarf on deck for bed . . . Nothing too drastic, everything simple. And I feel better, less stressed or uncertain. I’m building my accessory and scarf collection for when I get lazy, found a natural hair salon for when I want to trim my ends every 6-8 weeks . . . I’m smooth sailing.

And lemme tell you, it’s a relief.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Jonah Hill's All Cartoony On His New Show!

Check out the trailer to Fox's newest animated comedy starring thee hilarious Jonah Hill as an extremely smart wise-beyond-his-age kid who has lived life being treated as an adult but now has to attend something so . . . childish: ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! Oh, the horror.

I personally loved Elementary . . . but if at the age of 5 I was raised as a grown up and I skipped my child years, this would definitely be a problem. Which makes sense . . .

This looks like a good watch, and I'm gonna need a new show to invest in on Sundays. The Seth MacFarlene line up is getting old, no?

"Allen Gregory," premieres on Sundays this Fall on Fox!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Childish Gambino and Reggie Watts Freestyle: FANTASTIC!

Oh, come ooooooon! How fucking sweet is this?! First off, I must say that Childish is a dude you must walk up to when you meet him and either a) shake hands with while bidding him a successful and happy life because he made yours a bit easier, or b) jump up and down as best as you can and go, "BRO! YOU'RE A FUCKING GENIUS MANIAC! Whaaaat the fuck, man?! WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE?! Give me life!"

Either or, you will get an amazing response from him. Because he's that chill! Not to mention, he is a genius who deserves a happy and successful life and also deserves to hear a person make no sense while making sense all by complimenting him. Seriously.

Have you seen this video? Watch it.

Here he freestyles with Reggie Watts, who is an amazing comedian and an even more amazing musician, at L.A.'s The Music Box last week and fucking pwns! Him and Reggie both! A team that needs to come out with a mixtape or something, cuz this was no joke.

Source: Splitsider

MOVIE REVIEW: "Thor," starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins


That's the mass exploding sound of the 200+ people packed into the Regal Theater on Union Square last night who were excited beyond belief that "Thor," was finally starting after countless movie trivia questions and annoying people pushing past to get a great seat.

I was fortunate enough to score free passes to the Advanced Screening, and a movie that I was skeptical about that I now can watch to see if it was worth it and NOT have to feel like shit when I walk out the theater because it was bad and I spent my money is a movie I cannot pass up. So I went. With my sister, her friends, and my boyfriend. It was a big group of us who got Balcony Seats. BALCONY SEATS! We were so high up and got an amazing visual of the biggest screen EVER!

But enough about that...

So, FYI? This movie comes in 3-D. And if you haven't already experienced for yourself with other films, it would do just as fine minus the 3-D, but it doesn't hurt, y'know? But just another hint: the men and women you drool over look SO MUCH BETTER with the 3-D effect. I mean . . . Chris's brolicness . . . Natalie Portman's beautiful eyes . . .

-cough- anyway . . .

Thor is about a warrior who was banished from his land due to his arrogant and selfish behavior to be a king who looks for war instead of prepares for it, as his all powerful father, Oden, said. From there, he is sent to Earth to become humble and a better leader, and if he succeeds, he can have his weapon of mass destruction (the huge ass hammer) and become the rightful king of their land.

This movie was good, for what it's worth. It was entertaining, captivating, funny, and if you know of Thor, you would have jizzed at the fights and use of weapons seen in this film, (A number of dudes, including my boyfriend who grabbed my hand and squeezed so tightly, were jizzing when they saw Hawkeye!) The cast did a great job (Chris Hemsworth made a great Thor, no doubt. He did. Aside from the looks of it, his attitude was fantastic and believeable) and the action was good enough.

To me, the fact that Thor isn't the most amazing Marvel character (let's face it. He's not that great as compared to Spider-Man or the Hulk or Iron Man) meant that this movie had to have convinced you to say otherwise. Luckily, they focused on his homeland, his people, and what he's about and how he became Thor, the hero we (sorta kinda) love. Especially for the people that were dragged to see the movie not knowing a THING about him, when they went home, they went home learning and knowing about a Marvel character. I give them that, they did amazingly in this. Idris Elba, who plays the Gatekeeper? WOOO! Panty dropper. I loved his small role in it. Tom Hiddleston, who play's Thor's brother, Loki, was phenomenal! He was great, and Jaimie Alexander, who played Thor's kickass friend, Sif, was awesooooooome! She pwned so much ass, I was impressed. She was just boss. Ugh.

But aside from the kickass cast, there were some things to scratch your head with. Not HUGE things, but for those who deeply know about Thor, it bugged them. Majorly.

Let's take the romance between Natalie Portman's character, Jane, and Chris Hemsworth's Thor. In two days flat they "fell in love." It wasn't right or convincing. If she could have, she would have given it up to him just like that because of his manliness, way of speaking, and his knowledge of the skies, which she is all about! This part of the movie irked me because you can tell they really wanted a love interest for Thor, doesn't matter how quickly it happened.

Then there's him becoming humble. Whoooooaaaaaaa. Sent to Earth, acts tough as shit, beats people, tries to get away, all that jazz. The next day, he's nice. The next day? He's a changed man. 48 hours, guys. The pompous asshole changed in 48 hours, and not doing much, I'll mention. Usually people have an epiphany that aids in them changing. YOU SEE NO EPIPHANY FOR THOR. He just becomes humble! In the beginning of the movie, he puts people in danger just to fight some evil dudes. By the end, he doesn't want to fight his brother or harm those same people who he was harming in the beginning. I WAS NOT FEELING THAT.

Also, the bad guy was good (not spoiling anything) but their fight scene was weak, and the reason was so lame. Once again, this part of the movie irked me because you can tell they really wanted a showdown to happen, doesn't matter how quickly or lame it was.

But, aside from that, it was good. I wasn't entirely disappointed and it kept me intrigued, so I give it a 7/10.

Is it worth the theater watch? yeah, sure. Why not? Especially for the 3-D. It's good enough to spend $12 on, no joke.


TIDBIT: Stay for after the credits. There's an "Avengers," sneak peek. Let's just say it involves a "cube." -wink!-

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why Do Girls Have To Prove They're Nerdy?

I had brought the topic of people trying too hard in a blog post that was never posted--OOPSIE--where people proclaim about them being weird, crazy, and outrageous when in actually, a mass majority of us are the same and proclaiming does diddly squat. And one thing that bugs me is girls trying to seem like they're major nerds.

I don't mean to sound like a phony, but I really don't care for the label. I wouldn't place myself in a category because of the fact that I don't lean too close to one thing. I'm a mixture. I like too much to place myself in a mold where I emphasize more what that mold is about rather than who I am.

There are girls out there realizing a little too late that nerd boys are really hot in their own adorably-obsessed-over-gadgets-comics-action figures-and-stuff-of-that-nature kinda way. With the help of movies nowadays depicting nerds as the underdogs that are much better than the Alpha Male or the Bad Boy, nerds are totally IN. So now, girls are on the prowl. They are aware. Armed and ready. They wanna scoop a nerd. By doing what? Trying too hard of course.

Proclaiming to the world that Star Trek, cartoons, comics and video games are BOSS and everything they are about. Doing what they can to spark a conversation about something they read on Wikipedia last night and memorized for said conversation that is about to score them a date, or a nerd boy drooling over these try hard girls. And worse . . . these girls try to be nonchalant about it, as if this is no biggie. Being a nerd is cool.

These girls are trying to be a Juno when in fact they're a Serena van der Woodsen or Blair Waldorf.

The overexaggerated loose sarcasm, the keep to myself behavior, the Wonder Women graphic tees...

Don't females get that sometimes scoring a nerd and NOT being into what they're into is probably better than trying to be down with them? Think of it this way. This gives you both something to do. He'll teach you how to do a Hadouken while playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and you'll show him the holy grail that is contacts to replace those nerd glasses. It's a give and take. He scores the girly hot chick and you score the good guy. You both win. It's OK that you like make-up and Louis Vitton purses. Sometimes nerds even find it cute!

I scored a nerd. I personally don't label him as one but let's do it by society. In society, he's a nerd. Loves manga, comics, video games, cartoons, loves to dream and when he dreams, he dreams outrageous . . . that's who he is., and it is so effin' cute. He scored the chick who loves to be pretty. Loves to shop, loves to get dressed up, loves to stop at every store to see if they have that dress in the window in her size, who is constantly wrapped up in her hair, who loves make-up . . .

And you know what? He still loves the hell outta me. I wasn't into what he was into so what he did was try and introduce it to me. Video games, comics, manga . . . I got a PS3 and since then, with him by my side, helping me play and get into the field of video games, I was loving it. Now I'm a tad bit obsessed. A TAD. I find myself interested a teensy bit in comics and cartoons, watching G4, and doing some research. Not because I wanna try hard. But because it's something new but I've grown to like it. Matter of fact, our relationship has only gotten better because of this introduction. We have a range that has broadened because it has been introduced to me. In the meantime, I introduce him to a few romantic comedies ("When Harry Met Sally" is one of them. We watched it together and he loved it!) and even some of my favorite shows like "The Office," or "Community."

I'm a firm believer that what you do defines who you are. If you're a nerd, you don't need to proclaim it. It'll show. And you won't care because you love who you are. If you're a try hard? WE SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU... Don't try and fool the measses, sweetie. You're simply embarrassing yourself.

And if you think getting embarrassed and called out on your bluff is bad from the popular IN crowd? Imagine a band of geeks. Maaaaaan . . . your pride is through.

NEW MUSIC: "Left Side Drive," by Solange

Solange, my dear Solange, has finally graced us with her musical presence, which we can all agree that we've greatly missed. At least, I know I have. I've scoured many music sites in hopes a new Solange track surfaces. I've been on the look out for any mention of a new song or of her upcoming album on her Twitter . . . all with no success.

Until recently, of course, when she said via twitter:

“Wrote this over the amazing, Boards of Canada “Left side drive” a couple of years ago. It’s completely unofficial, and was just inspired by the song which i have had a deep love affair with for years. I am a huge Boards of Canada fan, and got the chance to work with them on Sol-Angel on “This Bird”. Still feel honored to this day.”

Here is the song in which she spoke of. I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED. Her voice gets better every time I hear it, which was her last musical release, "Stillness is the Move."

-sways to the smooth rhythm and tinker of the instruments and the hypnotic tone of her voice-

What do you think?
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