Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Childish Gambino and Reggie Watts Freestyle: FANTASTIC!

Oh, come ooooooon! How fucking sweet is this?! First off, I must say that Childish is a dude you must walk up to when you meet him and either a) shake hands with while bidding him a successful and happy life because he made yours a bit easier, or b) jump up and down as best as you can and go, "BRO! YOU'RE A FUCKING GENIUS MANIAC! Whaaaat the fuck, man?! WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE?! Give me life!"

Either or, you will get an amazing response from him. Because he's that chill! Not to mention, he is a genius who deserves a happy and successful life and also deserves to hear a person make no sense while making sense all by complimenting him. Seriously.

Have you seen this video? Watch it.

Here he freestyles with Reggie Watts, who is an amazing comedian and an even more amazing musician, at L.A.'s The Music Box last week and fucking pwns! Him and Reggie both! A team that needs to come out with a mixtape or something, cuz this was no joke.

Source: Splitsider

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