Monday, May 16, 2011

Jonah Hill's All Cartoony On His New Show!

Check out the trailer to Fox's newest animated comedy starring thee hilarious Jonah Hill as an extremely smart wise-beyond-his-age kid who has lived life being treated as an adult but now has to attend something so . . . childish: ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! Oh, the horror.

I personally loved Elementary . . . but if at the age of 5 I was raised as a grown up and I skipped my child years, this would definitely be a problem. Which makes sense . . .

This looks like a good watch, and I'm gonna need a new show to invest in on Sundays. The Seth MacFarlene line up is getting old, no?

"Allen Gregory," premieres on Sundays this Fall on Fox!

1 comment:

Femmes With Benefits said...

I've NEVER even seen the preview to this show! =)

But I will definitely be giving it a PEEP. The preview is SOO GOOD. LOL.

Thanks for sharing with us,
Kimberly, FWB

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