Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: "Thor," starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins


That's the mass exploding sound of the 200+ people packed into the Regal Theater on Union Square last night who were excited beyond belief that "Thor," was finally starting after countless movie trivia questions and annoying people pushing past to get a great seat.

I was fortunate enough to score free passes to the Advanced Screening, and a movie that I was skeptical about that I now can watch to see if it was worth it and NOT have to feel like shit when I walk out the theater because it was bad and I spent my money is a movie I cannot pass up. So I went. With my sister, her friends, and my boyfriend. It was a big group of us who got Balcony Seats. BALCONY SEATS! We were so high up and got an amazing visual of the biggest screen EVER!

But enough about that...

So, FYI? This movie comes in 3-D. And if you haven't already experienced for yourself with other films, it would do just as fine minus the 3-D, but it doesn't hurt, y'know? But just another hint: the men and women you drool over look SO MUCH BETTER with the 3-D effect. I mean . . . Chris's brolicness . . . Natalie Portman's beautiful eyes . . .

-cough- anyway . . .

Thor is about a warrior who was banished from his land due to his arrogant and selfish behavior to be a king who looks for war instead of prepares for it, as his all powerful father, Oden, said. From there, he is sent to Earth to become humble and a better leader, and if he succeeds, he can have his weapon of mass destruction (the huge ass hammer) and become the rightful king of their land.

This movie was good, for what it's worth. It was entertaining, captivating, funny, and if you know of Thor, you would have jizzed at the fights and use of weapons seen in this film, (A number of dudes, including my boyfriend who grabbed my hand and squeezed so tightly, were jizzing when they saw Hawkeye!) The cast did a great job (Chris Hemsworth made a great Thor, no doubt. He did. Aside from the looks of it, his attitude was fantastic and believeable) and the action was good enough.

To me, the fact that Thor isn't the most amazing Marvel character (let's face it. He's not that great as compared to Spider-Man or the Hulk or Iron Man) meant that this movie had to have convinced you to say otherwise. Luckily, they focused on his homeland, his people, and what he's about and how he became Thor, the hero we (sorta kinda) love. Especially for the people that were dragged to see the movie not knowing a THING about him, when they went home, they went home learning and knowing about a Marvel character. I give them that, they did amazingly in this. Idris Elba, who plays the Gatekeeper? WOOO! Panty dropper. I loved his small role in it. Tom Hiddleston, who play's Thor's brother, Loki, was phenomenal! He was great, and Jaimie Alexander, who played Thor's kickass friend, Sif, was awesooooooome! She pwned so much ass, I was impressed. She was just boss. Ugh.

But aside from the kickass cast, there were some things to scratch your head with. Not HUGE things, but for those who deeply know about Thor, it bugged them. Majorly.

Let's take the romance between Natalie Portman's character, Jane, and Chris Hemsworth's Thor. In two days flat they "fell in love." It wasn't right or convincing. If she could have, she would have given it up to him just like that because of his manliness, way of speaking, and his knowledge of the skies, which she is all about! This part of the movie irked me because you can tell they really wanted a love interest for Thor, doesn't matter how quickly it happened.

Then there's him becoming humble. Whoooooaaaaaaa. Sent to Earth, acts tough as shit, beats people, tries to get away, all that jazz. The next day, he's nice. The next day? He's a changed man. 48 hours, guys. The pompous asshole changed in 48 hours, and not doing much, I'll mention. Usually people have an epiphany that aids in them changing. YOU SEE NO EPIPHANY FOR THOR. He just becomes humble! In the beginning of the movie, he puts people in danger just to fight some evil dudes. By the end, he doesn't want to fight his brother or harm those same people who he was harming in the beginning. I WAS NOT FEELING THAT.

Also, the bad guy was good (not spoiling anything) but their fight scene was weak, and the reason was so lame. Once again, this part of the movie irked me because you can tell they really wanted a showdown to happen, doesn't matter how quickly or lame it was.

But, aside from that, it was good. I wasn't entirely disappointed and it kept me intrigued, so I give it a 7/10.

Is it worth the theater watch? yeah, sure. Why not? Especially for the 3-D. It's good enough to spend $12 on, no joke.


TIDBIT: Stay for after the credits. There's an "Avengers," sneak peek. Let's just say it involves a "cube." -wink!-

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Ag said...

When my Bf and his flatmates were hyped about seeing this movie I was like over get over it!! Until I saw it! Man, all i can say is it was worth ever second, I think I am slowly becoming a Marvel fan!

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