Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NEW MUSIC: "Left Side Drive," by Solange

Solange, my dear Solange, has finally graced us with her musical presence, which we can all agree that we've greatly missed. At least, I know I have. I've scoured many music sites in hopes a new Solange track surfaces. I've been on the look out for any mention of a new song or of her upcoming album on her Twitter . . . all with no success.

Until recently, of course, when she said via twitter:

“Wrote this over the amazing, Boards of Canada “Left side drive” a couple of years ago. It’s completely unofficial, and was just inspired by the song which i have had a deep love affair with for years. I am a huge Boards of Canada fan, and got the chance to work with them on Sol-Angel on “This Bird”. Still feel honored to this day.”

Here is the song in which she spoke of. I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED. Her voice gets better every time I hear it, which was her last musical release, "Stillness is the Move."

-sways to the smooth rhythm and tinker of the instruments and the hypnotic tone of her voice-

What do you think?

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