Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why Do Girls Have To Prove They're Nerdy?

I had brought the topic of people trying too hard in a blog post that was never posted--OOPSIE--where people proclaim about them being weird, crazy, and outrageous when in actually, a mass majority of us are the same and proclaiming does diddly squat. And one thing that bugs me is girls trying to seem like they're major nerds.

I don't mean to sound like a phony, but I really don't care for the label. I wouldn't place myself in a category because of the fact that I don't lean too close to one thing. I'm a mixture. I like too much to place myself in a mold where I emphasize more what that mold is about rather than who I am.

There are girls out there realizing a little too late that nerd boys are really hot in their own adorably-obsessed-over-gadgets-comics-action figures-and-stuff-of-that-nature kinda way. With the help of movies nowadays depicting nerds as the underdogs that are much better than the Alpha Male or the Bad Boy, nerds are totally IN. So now, girls are on the prowl. They are aware. Armed and ready. They wanna scoop a nerd. By doing what? Trying too hard of course.

Proclaiming to the world that Star Trek, cartoons, comics and video games are BOSS and everything they are about. Doing what they can to spark a conversation about something they read on Wikipedia last night and memorized for said conversation that is about to score them a date, or a nerd boy drooling over these try hard girls. And worse . . . these girls try to be nonchalant about it, as if this is no biggie. Being a nerd is cool.

These girls are trying to be a Juno when in fact they're a Serena van der Woodsen or Blair Waldorf.

The overexaggerated loose sarcasm, the keep to myself behavior, the Wonder Women graphic tees...

Don't females get that sometimes scoring a nerd and NOT being into what they're into is probably better than trying to be down with them? Think of it this way. This gives you both something to do. He'll teach you how to do a Hadouken while playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and you'll show him the holy grail that is contacts to replace those nerd glasses. It's a give and take. He scores the girly hot chick and you score the good guy. You both win. It's OK that you like make-up and Louis Vitton purses. Sometimes nerds even find it cute!

I scored a nerd. I personally don't label him as one but let's do it by society. In society, he's a nerd. Loves manga, comics, video games, cartoons, loves to dream and when he dreams, he dreams outrageous . . . that's who he is., and it is so effin' cute. He scored the chick who loves to be pretty. Loves to shop, loves to get dressed up, loves to stop at every store to see if they have that dress in the window in her size, who is constantly wrapped up in her hair, who loves make-up . . .

And you know what? He still loves the hell outta me. I wasn't into what he was into so what he did was try and introduce it to me. Video games, comics, manga . . . I got a PS3 and since then, with him by my side, helping me play and get into the field of video games, I was loving it. Now I'm a tad bit obsessed. A TAD. I find myself interested a teensy bit in comics and cartoons, watching G4, and doing some research. Not because I wanna try hard. But because it's something new but I've grown to like it. Matter of fact, our relationship has only gotten better because of this introduction. We have a range that has broadened because it has been introduced to me. In the meantime, I introduce him to a few romantic comedies ("When Harry Met Sally" is one of them. We watched it together and he loved it!) and even some of my favorite shows like "The Office," or "Community."

I'm a firm believer that what you do defines who you are. If you're a nerd, you don't need to proclaim it. It'll show. And you won't care because you love who you are. If you're a try hard? WE SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU... Don't try and fool the measses, sweetie. You're simply embarrassing yourself.

And if you think getting embarrassed and called out on your bluff is bad from the popular IN crowd? Imagine a band of geeks. Maaaaaan . . . your pride is through.


Anonymous said...

I feel like Liz Lee from My Life as Liz tries too hard

The rule is that you don't proclaim your nerdiness. You are forced into that box; labeled as an outsider & ostracized. Then, when left no other choice, you re-appropriate the word 'nerd' as a term of empowerment. But who am I to tell them they have to earn a title through suffering? There are try hards in every other catagory, why not this one?

Cee Frizzle said...

OMG, Yes. She is a perfect example. This is the main reason as to why I cannot tolerate that show. When I say try hard? Shes' a good example.

To many, being a nerd is a curse. Like you said, you're put into that mold. You don't just proclaim yourself into it, because you yourself don't notice if what you're doing is nerdy or not, cuz you don't care! It's who you are! It's the outside world that puts you in that category.

I'm glad you commented, cuz you made a great deal of sense. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...
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Cee Frizzle said...
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