Saturday, June 25, 2011

NEW MUSIC (VIDEO): "Novacane," by Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean, who I have a great feeling everyone knows due to his R&B yet futuristic beats and rhythmic vibe, has the video for the single off his mixtape, "Nostalgia/Ultra," called "Novacane." Check it out!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NEW MUSIC: "Schoolin' Life," by Beyonce

I don't think I've gotten to tell you guys that I am over hating on Beyonce. No more, folks. That ship has gladly sailed away and for many reasons. Reasons I will tell you guys another time, because I'm here to debut a new joint on Beyonce's "4," album.

I like it! It sounds like a Whitney beat circa '89 with a smidge of Bee in . . . well, 2011 lol. Duh. It's really catchy, and I'm not surprised, since it's The-Dream produced.

This song will be in the deluxe edition of the album, which comes out next Tuesday! I'm pretty excited. I already heard a few tracks, and so far, Bee hasn't disappointed me. It doesn't seem too try-hard as compared to "I Am...Sasha Fierce." It sounds mellow but kinda top notch. I couldn't deal with Sasha at all... That was so wrong.

Source: Rap-Up

Emoticons To Express These Trying Times...

With so much going on today, I seriously think emoticon game faces need to be stepped up. There should now be one for EVERYTHING. I kid you not... Check these out for size.

I know . . . I vote for these to be brought to every communicating device EVERYWHERE. They owe us this much . . .

Source: The Hairpin

Wanna Know 10 Things That Irritate Elijah Wood?

Usually, a celebrity is asked some reassuring questions, such as where they see their career going, what's next for them, how lucky do they feel dating the most eligible bachelor/bachelorette in Hollywood . . . you know. Things that dazzle us.

Elijah Wood, on the other hand, who is part of Hollywood's Elite, was asked about what pisses him off. What grinds his gears. WHAT IRRITATES HIM. Thanks to Black Book Magazine, they got the "Lords of the Rings," to share with us such vital information.

10 Things That Irritate Elijah Wood

1. Remakes and reboots. Have we not the balls to support original material? Why must the vast majority of our unique pieces be relegated to minuscule budgets and poor exposure, while hundreds of millions of dollars are put toward rehashing used ideas? How about we even out the budgeting a bit. Remember when we chose a little-known Polish director to helm a film about the devil impregnating Mia Farrow?

2. Doing the bare minimum of one’s job description. I once had a heavy crate delivered. The delivery man set it on the sidewalk in front of my house. It being far too heavy for one person to move on his own, I asked if he would help move it to my driveway. He replied by saying that he’d done his job, then begrudgingly helped move it as if he were doing me a favor. Nope, not extra. Still your job.

3. Anti-smoking laws that now extend to outdoor spaces. Can we not let the use of free air be determined by the people using it? Should someone have a problem with roving smoke, they could simply ask the offending smoker if he or she would kindly refrain. Most spaces are smoke-free, and I accept that—particularly inside restaurants—but can smokers not have patios and general outdoor areas?

4. Truncated texting. Most of us have full keyboards on our magical mobile devices—use them. It was understandable on numbered keypads and even forgivable with the aid of T9. But now? C u l8r? No, you won’t.

5. Orcs. Ugly fuckers.

6. (Most) clubs. Crowds of people dressed in their finery, standing outside, lining up around the block yearning for acceptance—only to enter a loud space with predominantly awful music, bottle service, and neither the room to move nor the ability to utter words that can be heard without shouting. I’ve often wondered why hordes flock to these overstyled douche cantinas.

7. When people aren’t held accountable for their actions. If you fuck up, deal with it—it’s your responsibility. Somehow we’ve created a world where a person spills coffee on himself, sues the coffee company, and wins.

8. Relationship statuses on Facebook. Breaking up with someone in the real world is hard enough. There’s no need to do it digitally. That there’s some weight attached to changing your status from “in a relationship” to “single” is ridiculous.

9. My printer. It refuses to wirelessly speak to my computer. I’ve tried at various times to get the two to chat and take on basic tasks together, such as printing a document or scanning a photo. It even insists on stubbornly refusing my attempts to start a healthy USB-free dialogue between the two. Bastard.

10. Clutter. Why do you accumulate? I have utter disdain for you, yet I am to blame for your existence. A conundrum. (Oh, and: Complaining. Just shut up and deal with it. No one wants to hear it.)

Maaaan . . . so much truth within these irritations, Elijah. Though the problem with your printer seems like a real personal problem that you might wanna . . . y'know . . . y'know?

SHORT FILM: "Successful Alcoholics," starring Lizzy Caplan & TJ Miller

Wasn't it just a few posts ago I was rah rahing about the wonderful Lizzy Caplan? How fabulous is it that just moments later I come across the short film she starred in alongside actor TJ Miller called "Successful Alcoholics," about a couple that are boozeheads but still happen to keep very well paying jobs. In this modern day America? It's astonishing . . .

Played at the Sundance Film Festival, SXSW and many other festival platforms you can think of, it's a great watch. It's funny and it's different. 25 minutes you will not waste here, folks.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Everybody Loves Vashtie Kola...

Wow, please remind me to add her to my (Wo)man Candy list, because Vashtie is a must. This ultra-talented beauty of a woman not only has my respect, but also the respect of many across the world, and just for being her and having a keen eye for everything that is dope. True story.

Refinery 29, one of the most popular and coolest fashion blogs out there, decided to interview her when it comes to her style and her influences while giving her a photo shoot in her own home! Cool, right?

Click HERE to flip through the slideshow and read up on this gahgeous specimen.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

NEW MUSIC (VIDEOS): The Ladies of Floetry

Both Marsha Ambrosius and natalie "The Floacist" Stewart, the women that made up the wonderfully sensational R&B/Soul group, Floetry, have released new videos! No, not together, guys. Sorry... But within their own solo efforts!

Marsha's video for "Late Nights and Early Mornings," is simply lovely. The song in itself is sexy. I found myself singing along with grooving in my chair because it was putting me in a good place, lol. Excuse my pardon. Not to mention she's also sending a wonderful message to the sexually active out there, just as she sent a message to the LGBT community with "Far Away."

Do you guys catch the message?

The Floacist, who also took a sensual approach, put a little bit of art into it for her song "Let Me." She's stripped down to her birthday suit with some pasties upon her goodies! And not to mention the Mandingo that frolics across this video. A girl must do her best to contain herself...

The song is seductive, with her not really singing but whispering in a harmony that's enticing. I'm not mad at all here. It's truly sultry and something to give some time to. If you're up for it.

You guys like?

For The Thickies: Bathing Suits for Plus Sized Beauties

Plus sized clothing (thankfully) is on the come up. Actually, it's already here. It just needs some more attention and some respect and I guarantee you, thick ladies can actually walk around proud in the clothes they wear because they won't resemble a women that has no personality whatsoever. Thank the heavens!

But, if there is one thing I know thick women have been on the look out for and have been praying to have more options in, is bathing suits. Without a doubt, this has to be the most challenging thing to find.

A thick woman shopping for her bathing suit is looking for one that:
  • brings out their shape
  • makes them feel sexy
  • doesn't look like something their grandmother would wear
  • makes them feel eager to run into the sand and splash in the water, no matter how many stares they get
  • has them peeking in their closet every nanosecond at every chance they get because it is THAT AMAZING
I mean, this is what I look for in a bathing suit. No hiding under cover ups for the whole trip. No sitting under the shade and not getting into the water. No embarrassment at all. Just confidence, joy and fun. This is a bathing suit us thick women have been searching for.

Well . . . this year, you won't be disappointed. Check out these lovely bathing suits for the thicker-than-your-average!

Forever 21 has brought swimsuits into their collections!

Ever since Forever 21 has catered to plus sized (circa January 2010), they've been on the watch by the thickies for the longest. And just this summer, they've begun showcasing some swimsuits! Check out some more cute ones on their site!

H&M in the UK

Ugh. You gotta have a place in your heart for H&M. Though they go up to just a large, if you look REAL close and have enough patience to search your way through their racks, you can find something that's able to fit your +Large size. It's been done. But did you know that in the UK, they cater to the big girls? If you shop online, click on their BiB category, and behold!

Unfortunately, they only have 3 bathing suits. But that doesn't mean they aren't cute. Check that leopard print one above. GORGEOUS.

Monif C.'s Summer 2011 Swimsuit Collection

Monif C. is POPULAR for having gorgeous gowns for thicker women, and she absolutely KICK ASS when it comes to bathing suits. I mean, do you see how gorgeous they look? You can't go wrong with a Monif C. bathing suit in your summer stash box. Pro? You will look like an amazon queen walking around in one of these. Con? Very pricey. But by the looks of this, it is so worth the moolah.

Gabi of Young Fat & Fabulous sporting a bikini from Fig Leaves

Fig Leaves actually has some pretty cute bathing suits. This site, that has clothes that goes up to sizes 28, is pretty promising. And I like that it doesn't label anything plus size. The same bathing suit you see for a skinny girl, you see is extended for the thick girls, too. SCORE.


Seeeeee? How awesome is that? Of course there's Torrid, Evans, Ashley Stewart and so on. But out of all of them, these four places happen to have some killer suits. But if you spot out some sexy ones I didn't mention, lemme know in the comments!

Have a great summer, my fellow thickies!

(Wo)man Candy #4: Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy playing Casey Klein in the short lived TV series "Party Down"

Is there something about a girl who's sarcastic, charming, cute, sexy when she wants to be, talented and sometimes even doe-eyed that is just so addicting? Along with Mila Kunis (who is also going to be on my list), Kat Dennings (who I've blogged a lot about), and a few other ladies who fit the above criteria, Lizzy Caplan has it down pat to a point where I really feel it's a PART of her, and not just in the characters she plays.

Lizzy playing Janice Ian in Mean Girls

You know Lizzy. First introduced to us as the sarcastically maybe-sorta-kinda-til-the-end-of-the-movie lesbian that looked a hot mess but was totally awesome and your best friend, Janm in the ever so popular, "Mean Girls"? Yes, her. The girl who blows up in "Cloverfield"? Yep, that's the girl. The V taking druggie who stole Jason's heart in "True Blood"? YUP! I knew you would get it sooner or later.

Lizzy Caplan is a heart warmer. Someone that intrigues you and would seem like such a down ass chick to hang with that you envy not being in the same limelight as her to be the one she calls up to say, "Wanna go get an In-N-Out burger?" Or some homegirl stuff like that.

She's gorgeous.

She's charming.

She's talented.

And she's entertaining and a joy to see.

Lizzy, my dear. You have earned this position as my (Wo)man Candy. Bask in the ambiance.

NEW MUSIC: Jill Scott's "The Light of the Sun" Album Leak

Okay, well the title might be a TAD bit misleading. 1. It's not really an album leak per say. More of like a few songs to give you a taste of how much you're going to want to BUY the album. 2. It's not really a LEAK, since she put it up on YouTube herself for the public to hear. Plus, like I said. It's not all the songs. Just some.

Jill's album cover for "The Light of the Sun." STUNNING.

So if you don't know, Jill Scott is one of my favorites. Truly. I've listened, downloaded, and have fallen in love with all her albums, I am a huge fan of her acting roles (Girlfriends, Why Did I Get Married, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency) and the fact that she's a plumb woman with a gentle and cute face, a sexy and sultry voice, and who rocked thick natural curls, she had me sprung. JILL HAD ME SPRUNG.

So when I got word last year of her new album being like a big ass jam session, I creamed with happiness. Jill just in the studio going IN on tracks? Letting her heart out? Just like that, it being all raw? I needed to hear.

I wasn't pleased with the first single off this jam session of an album," The Light of the Sun." I didn't like it, cuz it didn't really sound like Jill. "Shame," was just mediocre and not my cup of tea. BUT . . . once I listened to the songs she put out, which you guys will get to hear below, I knew this was it. THIS IS IT.

"Le Boom Vent Suite"

This is such a nice jam. Kinda simple but it's got a nice pip in it's bass.

"When I Wake Up"

I'll simply have to listen to this song on a rainy day, while the raindrops hit my windowpane. Surely, this is so smooth...

"Hear My Call"

This song had me clenching at my heart, because she makes something like heartache sound so beautiful and right. Can you imagine?

"So Gone (What My Mind Says)"

Jill brought the sexy in with this jam. She brought it and it's so right! The beat is so hypnotic, my lord...


To hear the rest of the previews, click here to go to her YouTube. Ugh, guys. I need this album in the palms of my hand. Seriously, this cannot be something I half-ass. I need this in my possession!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Then & Now: Jaleel White

Come on. If you remember anything from your childhood like the shows you watched and loved, "Family Matters," was one of them. And the character that was just supposed to be recurring but had caught the audiences attention so much that he not only saved the show from cancellation but became a main cast member in the process, was none other than Steve "Did I Do Thaaaat?" Urkel, played by the young Jaleel White.

So after making a huge name for himself, what happened? Where did he go? Did he shed the Urkel Image and continue on with a successful acting career?

Well . . . not really. But you can catch the now 34-year-old in "Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer," in theaters now starring Heather Graham.

  • Can you believe that Jaleel was supposed to be Rudy Huxtable in The Cosby Show? Apparently, the youngest of the bunch was supposed to be a boy, but it was given to Keyshia Knight Pulliam
  • He graduated from UCLA with a degree in Film & Television
  • Has voiced Sonic the Hedgehog in a lot of Sonic's animated series produced here in the U.S.
  • Is the writer and producer of a web series called "Fake It Till You Make It."

Monday, June 6, 2011

First 6 Minutes of "True Blood"

If you guys haven't lost interest in one of the greatest things to come to your werewolf and vampire obsessions, then please indulge in the first 6 minutes of "True Blood," because surely, you wanna know what you're heading into when the first episode of the 4th season premieres June 26th!

And, oh my word. That's Gary Cole, isn't it? UGH. I luuuuuh me some Gary!

Hype is not the word, guys.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

NEW MUSIC (VIDEOS): Robyn, Theophilus & Kid Cudi!

If you don't love music videos to help spice up any song, then surely . . . this post is not meant for your eyes... Let's start, shall we?

Kid Cudi's "Marijuana"

Where has Kid Cudi been? Chillin' with Kanye? Shaking off haters? Quitting weed cold turkey? Well . . . he's been busy, all right. Doing what? WE DUNNO! But he was nice enough to give us a video to his "Marijuana," track off his last album, "Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager." AND YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THE DIRECTOR FOR THE JOB.

Go ahead. Guess if you have to . . .

No, you guys are taking too long. SHIA LABEOUF! Now I'm not gonna be biased and say it was great because Shia did it. But, I mean . . . the video is cool beans. It's nothing serious but . . . it's not bad at all. Plus it made me kinda like the song, and I'm not a Cudi stan. At all.

Fun Fact: Shia shot this vid with a Flip Cam. Maaaaan . . .

Theophilus London's, "London Loves Venice"

Theophilus London is probably one of those artists you hear about frequently amongst the hipster crowd or probably because your friend discovered him and put his video up on his tumblr or facebook and that you want to ignore because who the hell is he, but you don't ignore because you wanna know who the hell he is.

The good thing about Theophilus is that with his music, he tells you. His music is music to bring to the beach with some hip hop and maybe some dance in the mix. It's chill music. Very chill. It can do no harm. This song and the video to match is just stellar. I loves it.

Robyn's, "Call Your Girlfriend"

I was introduced to Robyn by my boyfriend lol. Can you believe. He calls me and I hear this song blasting as he attempts to speak to me over the bass, and out of impatience I asked him who is he listening to. He says, "Her name is Robyn!" He tells me to watch the video for "Dancing On My Own," and from there, I started looking at all her older stuff, and I liked it. A lot. She's also adorable in a way I can't explain. Maybe it's that platinum blonde hair, I dunno. But I like her.

And I also like this video. She oozes intrigue, doesn't she? If not, go sulk in a corner!

Liked the videos? Which one's your fave?
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