Saturday, June 18, 2011

For The Thickies: Bathing Suits for Plus Sized Beauties

Plus sized clothing (thankfully) is on the come up. Actually, it's already here. It just needs some more attention and some respect and I guarantee you, thick ladies can actually walk around proud in the clothes they wear because they won't resemble a women that has no personality whatsoever. Thank the heavens!

But, if there is one thing I know thick women have been on the look out for and have been praying to have more options in, is bathing suits. Without a doubt, this has to be the most challenging thing to find.

A thick woman shopping for her bathing suit is looking for one that:
  • brings out their shape
  • makes them feel sexy
  • doesn't look like something their grandmother would wear
  • makes them feel eager to run into the sand and splash in the water, no matter how many stares they get
  • has them peeking in their closet every nanosecond at every chance they get because it is THAT AMAZING
I mean, this is what I look for in a bathing suit. No hiding under cover ups for the whole trip. No sitting under the shade and not getting into the water. No embarrassment at all. Just confidence, joy and fun. This is a bathing suit us thick women have been searching for.

Well . . . this year, you won't be disappointed. Check out these lovely bathing suits for the thicker-than-your-average!

Forever 21 has brought swimsuits into their collections!

Ever since Forever 21 has catered to plus sized (circa January 2010), they've been on the watch by the thickies for the longest. And just this summer, they've begun showcasing some swimsuits! Check out some more cute ones on their site!

H&M in the UK

Ugh. You gotta have a place in your heart for H&M. Though they go up to just a large, if you look REAL close and have enough patience to search your way through their racks, you can find something that's able to fit your +Large size. It's been done. But did you know that in the UK, they cater to the big girls? If you shop online, click on their BiB category, and behold!

Unfortunately, they only have 3 bathing suits. But that doesn't mean they aren't cute. Check that leopard print one above. GORGEOUS.

Monif C.'s Summer 2011 Swimsuit Collection

Monif C. is POPULAR for having gorgeous gowns for thicker women, and she absolutely KICK ASS when it comes to bathing suits. I mean, do you see how gorgeous they look? You can't go wrong with a Monif C. bathing suit in your summer stash box. Pro? You will look like an amazon queen walking around in one of these. Con? Very pricey. But by the looks of this, it is so worth the moolah.

Gabi of Young Fat & Fabulous sporting a bikini from Fig Leaves

Fig Leaves actually has some pretty cute bathing suits. This site, that has clothes that goes up to sizes 28, is pretty promising. And I like that it doesn't label anything plus size. The same bathing suit you see for a skinny girl, you see is extended for the thick girls, too. SCORE.


Seeeeee? How awesome is that? Of course there's Torrid, Evans, Ashley Stewart and so on. But out of all of them, these four places happen to have some killer suits. But if you spot out some sexy ones I didn't mention, lemme know in the comments!

Have a great summer, my fellow thickies!

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