Saturday, June 18, 2011

NEW MUSIC: Jill Scott's "The Light of the Sun" Album Leak

Okay, well the title might be a TAD bit misleading. 1. It's not really an album leak per say. More of like a few songs to give you a taste of how much you're going to want to BUY the album. 2. It's not really a LEAK, since she put it up on YouTube herself for the public to hear. Plus, like I said. It's not all the songs. Just some.

Jill's album cover for "The Light of the Sun." STUNNING.

So if you don't know, Jill Scott is one of my favorites. Truly. I've listened, downloaded, and have fallen in love with all her albums, I am a huge fan of her acting roles (Girlfriends, Why Did I Get Married, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency) and the fact that she's a plumb woman with a gentle and cute face, a sexy and sultry voice, and who rocked thick natural curls, she had me sprung. JILL HAD ME SPRUNG.

So when I got word last year of her new album being like a big ass jam session, I creamed with happiness. Jill just in the studio going IN on tracks? Letting her heart out? Just like that, it being all raw? I needed to hear.

I wasn't pleased with the first single off this jam session of an album," The Light of the Sun." I didn't like it, cuz it didn't really sound like Jill. "Shame," was just mediocre and not my cup of tea. BUT . . . once I listened to the songs she put out, which you guys will get to hear below, I knew this was it. THIS IS IT.

"Le Boom Vent Suite"

This is such a nice jam. Kinda simple but it's got a nice pip in it's bass.

"When I Wake Up"

I'll simply have to listen to this song on a rainy day, while the raindrops hit my windowpane. Surely, this is so smooth...

"Hear My Call"

This song had me clenching at my heart, because she makes something like heartache sound so beautiful and right. Can you imagine?

"So Gone (What My Mind Says)"

Jill brought the sexy in with this jam. She brought it and it's so right! The beat is so hypnotic, my lord...


To hear the rest of the previews, click here to go to her YouTube. Ugh, guys. I need this album in the palms of my hand. Seriously, this cannot be something I half-ass. I need this in my possession!

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