Thursday, June 2, 2011

NEW MUSIC (VIDEOS): Robyn, Theophilus & Kid Cudi!

If you don't love music videos to help spice up any song, then surely . . . this post is not meant for your eyes... Let's start, shall we?

Kid Cudi's "Marijuana"

Where has Kid Cudi been? Chillin' with Kanye? Shaking off haters? Quitting weed cold turkey? Well . . . he's been busy, all right. Doing what? WE DUNNO! But he was nice enough to give us a video to his "Marijuana," track off his last album, "Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager." AND YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THE DIRECTOR FOR THE JOB.

Go ahead. Guess if you have to . . .

No, you guys are taking too long. SHIA LABEOUF! Now I'm not gonna be biased and say it was great because Shia did it. But, I mean . . . the video is cool beans. It's nothing serious but . . . it's not bad at all. Plus it made me kinda like the song, and I'm not a Cudi stan. At all.

Fun Fact: Shia shot this vid with a Flip Cam. Maaaaan . . .

Theophilus London's, "London Loves Venice"

Theophilus London is probably one of those artists you hear about frequently amongst the hipster crowd or probably because your friend discovered him and put his video up on his tumblr or facebook and that you want to ignore because who the hell is he, but you don't ignore because you wanna know who the hell he is.

The good thing about Theophilus is that with his music, he tells you. His music is music to bring to the beach with some hip hop and maybe some dance in the mix. It's chill music. Very chill. It can do no harm. This song and the video to match is just stellar. I loves it.

Robyn's, "Call Your Girlfriend"

I was introduced to Robyn by my boyfriend lol. Can you believe. He calls me and I hear this song blasting as he attempts to speak to me over the bass, and out of impatience I asked him who is he listening to. He says, "Her name is Robyn!" He tells me to watch the video for "Dancing On My Own," and from there, I started looking at all her older stuff, and I liked it. A lot. She's also adorable in a way I can't explain. Maybe it's that platinum blonde hair, I dunno. But I like her.

And I also like this video. She oozes intrigue, doesn't she? If not, go sulk in a corner!

Liked the videos? Which one's your fave?

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