Saturday, June 18, 2011

(Wo)man Candy #4: Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy playing Casey Klein in the short lived TV series "Party Down"

Is there something about a girl who's sarcastic, charming, cute, sexy when she wants to be, talented and sometimes even doe-eyed that is just so addicting? Along with Mila Kunis (who is also going to be on my list), Kat Dennings (who I've blogged a lot about), and a few other ladies who fit the above criteria, Lizzy Caplan has it down pat to a point where I really feel it's a PART of her, and not just in the characters she plays.

Lizzy playing Janice Ian in Mean Girls

You know Lizzy. First introduced to us as the sarcastically maybe-sorta-kinda-til-the-end-of-the-movie lesbian that looked a hot mess but was totally awesome and your best friend, Janm in the ever so popular, "Mean Girls"? Yes, her. The girl who blows up in "Cloverfield"? Yep, that's the girl. The V taking druggie who stole Jason's heart in "True Blood"? YUP! I knew you would get it sooner or later.

Lizzy Caplan is a heart warmer. Someone that intrigues you and would seem like such a down ass chick to hang with that you envy not being in the same limelight as her to be the one she calls up to say, "Wanna go get an In-N-Out burger?" Or some homegirl stuff like that.

She's gorgeous.

She's charming.

She's talented.

And she's entertaining and a joy to see.

Lizzy, my dear. You have earned this position as my (Wo)man Candy. Bask in the ambiance.

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