Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Letter To Amy Winehouse

I believe it was last year that VH1 was showing this special called “The 27s: The Greatest Myths of Rock & Roll.” It came on after “The Soup,” on E! and I was feeling incredibly lazy, so I decided to watch it. Luckily I did, because the incite I got was ridiculous…

The 27 Club aka Forever 27 aka Club 27, is a group of 34 Rock & Rollers at their peak who all died at the young age of 27 years old. And in this club, you have the greats that some, most, or a small amount of us grew up listening to: Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin…

The special, to say the least, creeped me out just a little bit. Not too much, but to the point where I was spooked and intrigued to find out more about the “club.” They went into deep analysis, from dates to color palettes to social behaviors and mental backgrounds… Of course, many of these artists had involvements in drugs and alcohol, but most, if not all, had issues.

Serious serious issues. Issues that should have been dealt with but that couldn’t be, and issues that they used as their art. As either a plea for help, or their way of saying, “This will be all that’s left of me. This is all I need to get across. After this… I think I’m done.”

Matter of fact, it was Neil Young that said: “It’s better to burn out than to fade away.”

At the end of the special, they spoke about those who they felt would be well on their way to this club, due to the rate in which they were going. You, Amy Winehouse, were the first on their list. Sure, it all added up, but in the same year, many sources said you were getting better. That you were doing pretty good, laying low, keeping your life out of the newspapers. Slowly but surely, you would get back on track, if you were on track to begin with…

Well, Amy…

I checked the 27 Club Wiki page. Guess what? You’ve already been added to the list. Hook, line and sinker…

Dammit, all of the cues were in your lyrics. All of it. The tone of your voice, the messages of your songs, the names of your albums… But, regardless. Help was never on the way, was it? You were spiraling way too deep into the depths of your mind that to be pulled out of that chaos would be an act of death. Could that have been the reason?

After you checked out of rehab just as quick as you had checked IN, you went on tour in Europe, and got severely booed off stage, due to forgetting your lyrics as you performed your most famous songs, and for coming on stage intoxicated and completely disheveled. The tour was cancelled due to the incident, and everyone felt it can come back on once you got some more help, which you didn’t get. Could this have been the reason?

What was it? Was it because your life was spiraling out of your control COMPLETELY, or was it because you were finally fading out because of your life, and out of fear that you would be forgotten instead of remembered, that you would rather have burned?

It’s all over now, Amy. Sleep well. I hope you finally find that peace you were looking for that you couldn’t find here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NEW MUSIC / (VIDEO): Kanye, Jay-Z and the Beastie Boys!

Calm down, you guys, not all of them together on a track... But all of them together in this post? Hell yes.

Kanye & Jay-Z have another track to display to the universe from their debuting collaborative album, "Watch The Throne." And after the very head-tilting track "H.A.M.," I can understand if you're a bit reluctant...

But take a listen, because the track is niiiiice. "Otis," has a sampled beat (produced by Kanye, who has proven to be a gifted artist in all aspects of his music, including the beats) that's soulful as all hell, and the verses 'Ye and Kay put down are casual yet delightful. So I'm good with this track. If I can just steal the instrumental, I'd be A-OK.


On to the video! A long while back I posted the Beastie Boys x Santigold track, "Hot Sauce Committee Part II," off their latest album, and i raved about how great it was. RIGHT? Remember?! Good, cuz here is it's official video.

It's an 11-minute full length video, but if you would like to watch a shorter and much more -get-to-the-point music video, click here.

BTW? I effin' LOVE this video. Said and done. I could say more, but I'm about to watch it again. So just go on without me and see it for yourselves... Go on, now. Go enjoy...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

How To: Harry Potter's "Butterbeer"

The Harry Potter craze is REAL, guys. Never in my life have I heard a franchise cause such an uproar of delight from ages ranging from a wee little tyke to a grown elderly adult. Raking in $43.5 million before it's midnight premiere and breaking the midnight box office record while doing so, damaging Twilight $30 million lead, "Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 2," opened with a BANG. Twitter dashboards were raving, Facebook statuses were coming up like crazy, and Tumblr HP spam was off the chain.


So to celebrate this amazing phenomena that has come to a close (holds back tears, claims there's a twig in my eye), I have to give you guys something to keep with you. And if you haven't seen the movie, you can make this and bring it along with you. As if you're at the Three Broomsticks.

Butterbeer, my friends. Below is the recipe, and below is a drink you must try and pass down to your kids and their kids and so on, so forth, along with the books, the games, the merchandise and the movies that are Harry Potter. Many have tried this recipe and many have rejoiced over its absolute deliciousness. And it would only be right for true Harry Potter fans, newbies or the all timers, to let your taste-buds go bonkers. I mean . . . Guys. IT'S BUTTERBEER.

Anyway, enjoy! And if you happen to do it, let me know how it tastes in the comments below. I'm buying the ingredients tonight!

1 cup (8 oz) club soda or cream soda
½ cup (4 oz) butterscotch syrup (ice cream topping)
½ tablespoon butter


Step 1: Measure butterscotch and butter into a 2 cup (16 oz) glass. Microwave on high for 1 to 1½ minutes, or until syrup is bubbly and butter is completely incorporated.

Step 2: Stir and cool for 30 seconds, then slowly mix in club soda. Mixture will fizz quite a bit.

Step 3: Serve in two coffee mugs or small glasses; a perfectly warm Hogwarts treat for two!

Source: MuggleNet
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