Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NEW MUSIC / (VIDEO): Kanye, Jay-Z and the Beastie Boys!

Calm down, you guys, not all of them together on a track... But all of them together in this post? Hell yes.

Kanye & Jay-Z have another track to display to the universe from their debuting collaborative album, "Watch The Throne." And after the very head-tilting track "H.A.M.," I can understand if you're a bit reluctant...

But take a listen, because the track is niiiiice. "Otis," has a sampled beat (produced by Kanye, who has proven to be a gifted artist in all aspects of his music, including the beats) that's soulful as all hell, and the verses 'Ye and Kay put down are casual yet delightful. So I'm good with this track. If I can just steal the instrumental, I'd be A-OK.


On to the video! A long while back I posted the Beastie Boys x Santigold track, "Hot Sauce Committee Part II," off their latest album, and i raved about how great it was. RIGHT? Remember?! Good, cuz here is it's official video.

It's an 11-minute full length video, but if you would like to watch a shorter and much more -get-to-the-point music video, click here.

BTW? I effin' LOVE this video. Said and done. I could say more, but I'm about to watch it again. So just go on without me and see it for yourselves... Go on, now. Go enjoy...

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