Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Perfect Twitpic

Mindy Kaling aka Kelly 'The Corporate Bitch' Kapoor of "The Office," and funny woman, twitpiced a whole bunch of Andy Bernard ties.

Look at that massload.

Her comment?: "Andy Bernard's ties. I don't know, it made me laugh."

Promo Pics for Season 3 "Community"!

I have not told you guys yet how much I love love love NBC's "Community." Why haven't I told you? Maybe I was waiting for an epic post to include them in, like maybe a "Basic Cable's Best TV Commodities" post? (-nods head- YEP! that's coming around pretty soon, especially since Fall TV is back) But I shouldn't have waited that long. "Community," surely deserved it's own post. Decades ago.

But, after forgiving myself, I just had to post some promo pics for Season 3!

Hmm... Can Annie get a little more ballsy this season? She's deemed worthy after the Paintball Mission circa Season 2.

Also, is it just me or do you guys also prefer Chang when he was just a jackass but hilarious harsh Spanish teacher, instead of him trying oh so hard to be in the group? Me don't like desperate Chang. Me like douchebag Chang.


TIDBIT: Because you guys are good little readers, here's a "Best of Troy," video. Keep all liquids away from your mouth and all foods from your throat. 'Cause if you choke of laughter...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

NEW MUSIC (VIDEO): Jill Scott's "Hear My Call"

The official video for the latest single off Jill Scott's latest album, "Hear My Call," is out. And I have to say, it's beautiful in a simple way. Which was exactly what I was expecting.

Being that this is one of my favorite songs off the album, I was happy to see that it's her new single and that the video isn't over done, because it's a song about her talking to God, to help her. Guide her in the right direction. And if you remember Janelle Monae's "Cold War," video, where it was simply her breaking down in front of a camera with a black backdrop behind her, this video comes close to it. It's beautiful. Vulnerability at it's best. You go, Jill.

Dave Franco F#$%'s Himself.

The cute and hilarious younger brother to the sexy and also hilarious actor James Franco has teamed up with Funny or Die to give us this hilarious video of Dave actually . . . f#$%ing himself, after getting into a heated argument with his girlfriend and her instructing him to do so. Not intentionally, but it seems he took it that way...

It is so weird how him and his brother look alike . . . and those facial expressions. LORD.

Matt and Kim x Soulja Boy x Andrew WK = ????

I've grew such a fondness to the indie pop/dance band, Matt and Kim. I have both of their albums promptly sorted in my iTunes niche and I hope to keep filling said niche with more of their music, if they make anymore, that is. Which I have no problem hoping for because they've already begun their deliverance!

As part of a "Three Artists, One Song," series sponsored and created by CONVERSE, Matt & Kim teamed up with rapper Soulja Boy and all around entertainer Andrew WK to create the song, "I'm A Goner." Not to mention the video, which Converse easily describes as, "Soulja Boy, Andrew WK and Matt and Kim have risen from the dead to throw a raging dance party in a morgue. The mortician has left for the night, the limbs are fresh and there’s formaldehyde on ice."

They kid you not. Check it out!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How To: Kirsten Stewart's W Magazine Cover Look

Going on a promoting spree for the latest Twilight movie, "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1" premiering November 18th, the front woman Kristen Stewart appeared on the cover of W Magazine. And my oh my did they glam the Plain Jane up so properly, it was astounding. Looking at these photos, I was blown away at how the make-up enhances her beauty so well!


image name

image name

image name

Click to view larger

Well, thankfully, in case I was interested in adapting this look on my face (in which I am), one of the ladies at the Pixiwoo YouTube Channel made a make-up tutorial for the look. And their spin on it looks just as amazing, if not more, than the original. Low and behold, ladies.

Bask in that ambiance!

And to check out the interview that came along with the photoshoot for W Magazine with Kristen Stewart, click here!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is MTV Back On Top, Minus The Music?

MTV, which used to be the go-to channel for anything music, rebellion and approval to be yourself through your tunes, has drastically lost that respect. This is obvious. Once they stripped the channel of it's main focus and has conformed to the masses by plopping reality show after reality show that display degrading teens and "adults" to the viewers at home who know no better, MTV has been shunned, to say the least, to those that DO know better. MTV is no longer MTV, for where is the music?

BUT . . . has it, in a way, redeemed itself with it's latest television line-up?

Let's be frank. MTV has a long way to go to being back on top.
  • The 'No Music' factor is STILL a buzzkill. Bring back the tunies! At least an hour or two of new music videos, old music videos, videos that rock, videos that go down in history . . . something. Just give us some music!
  • The reality show intake is preposterous. Stop hiring junkie TV feens to be on Real World and bring back the real people. Because the Real World circa '93 and the Real World circa now is a drastic change. A
    nd not the incline kind.
  • Teen Mom? Really? Just, cut that off.
  • New episodes of True Life, please? That show's pretty interesting and not so damag
    ing to the brain. Kinda like a savior show to teens with issues they had no idea other people had. It's a bit refreshing.
  • Keep giving us good shows like you've been doing lately! Seriously, this is what the post is about. NOW...
A part of me feels a bit more drawn to MTV for their television shows have peaked my interest, and the interests of many!

1. The Hard Times of RJ Berger: Nerd is a nerd. Normal nerd in High School. One friend, vies for the attention of the popular girl in school, who's dating the popular boy in school. Has one girl who wants him, but in which he does NOT return the feeling. Normal kooky parents that don't pay too much attention to his anti-socialness... Basic plot right? Yes. totally. BUT, did I forget to mention said nerd has the penis size of a Sparta? Ch'yeah, dude is PACKING. And when the whole school finds out, HI-OH! Rejoice and be glad. The show has dry humor and has a tendency to move a bit slow, but aside from that, I do find myself watching and liking it. It's hard NOT to like. The show's hero, RJ (played by Paul Iacono) is a doll and too cute for words, and his best friend Miles (played by Jareb Dauplaise) is a hoot. Unfortunately after two seasons it has JUST been cancelled, but MTV... You had a good thing going.

2. Skins (US Version): You're normal average show about privileged teens that go apeshit with rebellion because life is just not interesting enough. An adapted and less raunchy and livid version of the UK Skins, the US Skins is . . . dry. Not my cup of tea, due to the fact that I don't like this type of show, where there is turmoil everywhere they turn, especially when these teens are at such a young age. I mean, hell. I don't even watch "Degrassi," anymore, never mind that it's become lame in itself. But a lot of folks happened to like this version of Skins. Am I surprised? Eh, not really. (Un)fortunately, it has been cancelled, too. But fear not. If you have Netflix, give it a few months and you should be right at home.

3. Teen Wolf: Okay, okay, okay! Now before you start throwing knives at me, hear me out! Yes, I know! You Twi-hards are against this show because it seems to be biting (or ra
ther, chomping) from the whole wolf craze that has developed due to that stupid Twilight franchise! I get it! BUT . . . have you seen the show yet? . . . NO? Well, can you do me a favor before you crucify me and just watch an episode or two? Because I thought the same thing when I saw the TV spots! A teen who gets bitten by a wolf and soon turns into one and has to deal with being a teen and being a wolf? Hello. Lame, generic, and predictable. But . . . I watched the first episode and found myself wanting to watch the second . . . Then the third, and surely after, the fourth . . . till I found myself anticipating for the season finale. And I'm telling you, as cliche as this show is, it's sort of . . . not. It has funny moments, like the friendship between it's main characters Scott (the wolf, played by the hot Tyler Posey) and Stiles (played by the charming Dylan O'Brien) is so funny to see, because their sync is fantastic and the quips are genius. The romance between Scott and the new girl (who comes from a family of wolf hunters... Cliche, I knoooow!) Allison (played by newcomer and adorable Crystal Reed) is annoying but cute where you just HAVE to go "Awwww!" And the wolf who aids him throughout the show, Derek (played by hot and pale Tyler Hoechlin) is a bit intimidating, which is the point. The graphics need major work. MAJOR. But aside from that, this show is a keeper. Can't wait for next season!

4. Awkward.: All nerds and socially inept and hipster lames rejoice, for this is the show that people have been waiting for. And even if you are none of the above, this show is still good to watch. Simply about a girl who has two friends (one of which who wishes to climb the social ladder of high school successfully) and no life in high school who's (secretly) dating the school's hot factor, who's hated by the popular girl in school (who's a thickie. I'm rejoicing because she's HBIC and not blonde and skinny. Change? I think soooo...) and who writes about all of these (mis)adventures of her life in her online blog, which I wonder is real, because I'd read it. Basic plot, but honestly? It's one of my favorite shows on TV right now. It has a basic plot but it manages to be different, which is such a great thing. The heroine of the show, Jenna (played by the brilliant Ashley Hamilton) is a livelier but a bit more naive version of Daria that it's too good to give up. Though her friends are annoying and I want to punch the popular girl in the face, which is probably the point they were going for . . . I gotta give it up for this genius show. Thank God it's renewed.

5. Death Valley: OK, so remember when I was talking about the fads of "Teen Wolf," because it fed into the whole wolf thing? Well, this show just gives
you alla dat. The Vampires, the Wolves, the Zombies... all the good stuff that makes you piss your pants with fear or cross your legs with pleasure is in this show, about cops who keep our world safe from those daggering demons of the world. The twist? Imagine Reno 911 as the cop crew. Yeah. This show is meant to make you holler with laughter, and the trailer does just that. I am so psyched to see this show, which premieres August 29th at 10:30pm, because though it's brought us all the biggest fads of Hollywood this day forward, it looks like it can entertain the crap out of us. And you don't just pass up an opportunity like this when you've got nothing left to lose but a half hour, which you can easily redeem the next week, knowing that you didn't like the show. But this, I have a feeling, will be unlikely.

SO . . . with all this new or deceased television, can MTV get back on top? Will music television be next? Are you praying on it?

SHORT FILM: "Portal: No Escape"

Directed by Dan Trachtenburg, this feature short film dedicated to the popular video game, Portal, is a MUST SEE. I'm telling you, the play button is totally your friend when it comes to this genius film.

Dan, who is known for directing commercials over the years, made his feature film debut a while ago after directing the short horror film, "More Than You Can Chew," made for Black Box TV. Apparently this short film was top notch, due to it drawing major attention already. And now here he is displaying another genius effort? Man... In this rate, he may well be on his way to bigger and better things.

Hell, I'd like to see more myself!

Source: Slash Film

OK Go x The Muppets = One Hell of a Theme Song

The band, OK Go, are ever so kind enough to team up with the legendary Muppets to create their theme song along with a new track to add to OK Go's latest album, "The Green Album," available for purchase on iTunes now! Check it out.

Boy, do I just love this.

In Case You Didn't See / Hear / Know...

"Earthquakes bring out the worst in some people." -Sgt. Lew Slade
played by George Kennedy (a line from 1974's "Earthquake")

---Around 2pm this afternoon, an earthquake of 5.9 started in Virginia and traveled as far as New York City, Toronto, North Carolina and Ohio... -click here-

---Nick Ashford of 'Ashford and Son', one of Motown's greatest, has passed away at the age of 69. -click here-

---Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, one of Hollywood's power couple for having such a healthy marriage and a well grounded family with outstanding careers, have called it quits after 13 years of marriage. / UPDATE: Trey Smith, Will Smith's son from his previous marriage, goes on twitter to state otherwise. -click here-

---Amy Winehouse's toxicology report, as her family claims, states that she was not enticed with illegal drugs at the time of her death. -click here-

---Check out Jane Lynch's trailer for her memoir, "Happy Accidents!"

Thursday, August 11, 2011

NEW MUSIC (VIDEO): Yeezy & Hov's "Otis."

Low and behold, the official video for "Otis," the latest track off of Jay-Z and Kanye West's collaborative album, "Watch the Throne." Directed by Spike Jonze, the video debuted on MTV just earlier today! And with the quickness of technology, it's now here for our viewing pleasure.

So knock your socks off!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pilot for "Black Dynamite," Animated Series!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOH, BOY! I have waited for a long time for this, and now that it's here... I just...

Don't look at me, just click play and watch!

Five Easy Ways to Show You Don't Give a F*ck

Brought to you by College Humor. Ah, so legit.

Viral Video Alert: "Black & Jewish," by Kat Graham & Kali Hawk

Viral videos never fail to tickle your phone bone. And if they do, it's banishment from the interweb! But let's think positive and laugh hard for this "Black and Yellow," parody by Kat Graham of "Vampire Diaries," and Kali Hawk of "Bridesmaids," who brought us "Black and Jewish," a song calling out the famous celebs we look up to, such as Drake, Rashida Jones, Lauren London, Lenny Kravitz, and much more for having Jewish and Black parents...

Oh, the hilarity. Also, isn't it funny how I prefer bumping this version rather than the actual song? Sorry, Wiz.

NEW MUSIC / (VIDEO): Elle Varner ft. J. Cole & Cee Lo ft. Jaleel White!

Who is this Elle Varner, you ask? Well, I have no idea, to be quite frank. But after hearing this song she has featuring one of my fave rappers, J. Cole, called "Only Wanna Give It To You," I would love to get to know her, because that voice is gorgeous and that song is fiyah! Take a listen!

And as for Mr. Cee-Lo Green, who never disappoints when it comes to entertaining our fragile minds, has released a new video for his newest single off his latest album called "Cry Baby," and it stars someone I blogged a little while ago about due to his absense, and that person is Jaleel White, aka Mr. Steve Urkel, in the flesh.

I like the video! The look, the dancing and gleeful feel to a song that's meant to make you feel a certain way... Not to mention, the song is very nice, which I'm not surprised about. Because it's Cee-Lo. Jaleel did a great job, no?

In Case You Didn't See / Hear / Know...

---That's it! The long anticipated duet album between Jay-Z and Kanye West, "Watch The Throne," has dropped on iTunes, and surprisingly was not leaked before it's airdate! Wowza... So far, from the opinions on Twitter coming from the impatient fans, music critics, and haters listening to not be left out...
  • Hov delivered while Kanye was a bit flat with his lyricism
  • Too many songs were being thrown into the convo as a favorite, which means this album is doing wonders
  • Production was a 50/50 for many
  • Beyonce on that one track killed it... In a bad way.
But, you be the verdict! Download via iTunes today! -click here-

---Big Boi of the popular hip-hop group, Outkast, was arrested on Sunday for drug possession, namely ecstasy (pill and powder) and Viagra, as he was leaving a cruise ship with friends. -click here-

---The week-end box office winner and loser goes to "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," starring James Franco and Freida Pinto respectively, opening at #1 with $54 million, surpassing the predicted amount by $20 million, while "The Change-Up," starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds, opened in at #4 with a disappointing $13.5 million... Did you see either or? -click here-

---While filming a questions and answers quip in L.A. the other night, a random fan asked stand-up comedian, Aziz Ansari, “Why don’t you have a red dot on your forehead?" poking fun at his Indian culture, prompting him to fire back at her with a rather hilarious response... -click here-

---The redband trailer for Jonah Hill's newest comedy, "The Sitter," has debuted, making it ten times more funnier than the restricted trailer. Centering around Jonah's character who finds a job being a baby sitter, but doing a really bad job at it, this film looks like it's gold.

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