Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is MTV Back On Top, Minus The Music?

MTV, which used to be the go-to channel for anything music, rebellion and approval to be yourself through your tunes, has drastically lost that respect. This is obvious. Once they stripped the channel of it's main focus and has conformed to the masses by plopping reality show after reality show that display degrading teens and "adults" to the viewers at home who know no better, MTV has been shunned, to say the least, to those that DO know better. MTV is no longer MTV, for where is the music?

BUT . . . has it, in a way, redeemed itself with it's latest television line-up?

Let's be frank. MTV has a long way to go to being back on top.
  • The 'No Music' factor is STILL a buzzkill. Bring back the tunies! At least an hour or two of new music videos, old music videos, videos that rock, videos that go down in history . . . something. Just give us some music!
  • The reality show intake is preposterous. Stop hiring junkie TV feens to be on Real World and bring back the real people. Because the Real World circa '93 and the Real World circa now is a drastic change. A
    nd not the incline kind.
  • Teen Mom? Really? Just, cut that off.
  • New episodes of True Life, please? That show's pretty interesting and not so damag
    ing to the brain. Kinda like a savior show to teens with issues they had no idea other people had. It's a bit refreshing.
  • Keep giving us good shows like you've been doing lately! Seriously, this is what the post is about. NOW...
A part of me feels a bit more drawn to MTV for their television shows have peaked my interest, and the interests of many!

1. The Hard Times of RJ Berger: Nerd is a nerd. Normal nerd in High School. One friend, vies for the attention of the popular girl in school, who's dating the popular boy in school. Has one girl who wants him, but in which he does NOT return the feeling. Normal kooky parents that don't pay too much attention to his anti-socialness... Basic plot right? Yes. totally. BUT, did I forget to mention said nerd has the penis size of a Sparta? Ch'yeah, dude is PACKING. And when the whole school finds out, HI-OH! Rejoice and be glad. The show has dry humor and has a tendency to move a bit slow, but aside from that, I do find myself watching and liking it. It's hard NOT to like. The show's hero, RJ (played by Paul Iacono) is a doll and too cute for words, and his best friend Miles (played by Jareb Dauplaise) is a hoot. Unfortunately after two seasons it has JUST been cancelled, but MTV... You had a good thing going.

2. Skins (US Version): You're normal average show about privileged teens that go apeshit with rebellion because life is just not interesting enough. An adapted and less raunchy and livid version of the UK Skins, the US Skins is . . . dry. Not my cup of tea, due to the fact that I don't like this type of show, where there is turmoil everywhere they turn, especially when these teens are at such a young age. I mean, hell. I don't even watch "Degrassi," anymore, never mind that it's become lame in itself. But a lot of folks happened to like this version of Skins. Am I surprised? Eh, not really. (Un)fortunately, it has been cancelled, too. But fear not. If you have Netflix, give it a few months and you should be right at home.

3. Teen Wolf: Okay, okay, okay! Now before you start throwing knives at me, hear me out! Yes, I know! You Twi-hards are against this show because it seems to be biting (or ra
ther, chomping) from the whole wolf craze that has developed due to that stupid Twilight franchise! I get it! BUT . . . have you seen the show yet? . . . NO? Well, can you do me a favor before you crucify me and just watch an episode or two? Because I thought the same thing when I saw the TV spots! A teen who gets bitten by a wolf and soon turns into one and has to deal with being a teen and being a wolf? Hello. Lame, generic, and predictable. But . . . I watched the first episode and found myself wanting to watch the second . . . Then the third, and surely after, the fourth . . . till I found myself anticipating for the season finale. And I'm telling you, as cliche as this show is, it's sort of . . . not. It has funny moments, like the friendship between it's main characters Scott (the wolf, played by the hot Tyler Posey) and Stiles (played by the charming Dylan O'Brien) is so funny to see, because their sync is fantastic and the quips are genius. The romance between Scott and the new girl (who comes from a family of wolf hunters... Cliche, I knoooow!) Allison (played by newcomer and adorable Crystal Reed) is annoying but cute where you just HAVE to go "Awwww!" And the wolf who aids him throughout the show, Derek (played by hot and pale Tyler Hoechlin) is a bit intimidating, which is the point. The graphics need major work. MAJOR. But aside from that, this show is a keeper. Can't wait for next season!

4. Awkward.: All nerds and socially inept and hipster lames rejoice, for this is the show that people have been waiting for. And even if you are none of the above, this show is still good to watch. Simply about a girl who has two friends (one of which who wishes to climb the social ladder of high school successfully) and no life in high school who's (secretly) dating the school's hot factor, who's hated by the popular girl in school (who's a thickie. I'm rejoicing because she's HBIC and not blonde and skinny. Change? I think soooo...) and who writes about all of these (mis)adventures of her life in her online blog, which I wonder is real, because I'd read it. Basic plot, but honestly? It's one of my favorite shows on TV right now. It has a basic plot but it manages to be different, which is such a great thing. The heroine of the show, Jenna (played by the brilliant Ashley Hamilton) is a livelier but a bit more naive version of Daria that it's too good to give up. Though her friends are annoying and I want to punch the popular girl in the face, which is probably the point they were going for . . . I gotta give it up for this genius show. Thank God it's renewed.

5. Death Valley: OK, so remember when I was talking about the fads of "Teen Wolf," because it fed into the whole wolf thing? Well, this show just gives
you alla dat. The Vampires, the Wolves, the Zombies... all the good stuff that makes you piss your pants with fear or cross your legs with pleasure is in this show, about cops who keep our world safe from those daggering demons of the world. The twist? Imagine Reno 911 as the cop crew. Yeah. This show is meant to make you holler with laughter, and the trailer does just that. I am so psyched to see this show, which premieres August 29th at 10:30pm, because though it's brought us all the biggest fads of Hollywood this day forward, it looks like it can entertain the crap out of us. And you don't just pass up an opportunity like this when you've got nothing left to lose but a half hour, which you can easily redeem the next week, knowing that you didn't like the show. But this, I have a feeling, will be unlikely.

SO . . . with all this new or deceased television, can MTV get back on top? Will music television be next? Are you praying on it?

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Jacque said...

Skins? GARBAGE...RJ Berger was amazing :( I'll miss it. And I can't wait for Death Valley!!
But overall, MTV sucks. All I ever see is Teen Mom and Jersey Shore. I don't even mind the lack of music, it's the lack of any substance that's killing me. I don't want to see fist pumping or snotty brats yelling at their moms, I want to see shows like True Life...even Made! If there must be reality shows I want shows that make me feel....something. But I guess that might be asking too much?

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